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Sample Chapter: After Day 1


Hi everyone! BEFORE you read some of Destiny; a small but and important bunch of text and images:

Discovery now visible! We can ALL have #hope in our future.😎 Unless you insist on SHAKING HANDS w #God ⁉️ #salvation #SCIENCE! < BION #Sol3

Contact achieved. Discovery visible. Future hopeful❗️ I cannot say that is not #God❗️ Amateur #science successful B4 created❗️

VALIDATED by THEM: Contact. 2-way communication. For REAL. 
First time on EARTH ANYONE can DOCUMENT this. 
All apparently strongly related to my have having written this unfinished novel; represented below. Wow. 

Tweet above: Me (this author) having fun while attempting to expose a discovery. On 4/28/2016 I validated the ability of Team 2 (from the other side) to communicate using Gravity Well Technology to manipulate moisture from a huge distance of nearly 100 million miles away, in close proximity to our star. It was the first documented contact with an alien civilization on Earth and can be valiated by anyone viewing 2 social network accounts belonging to myself as

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2 days prior to 4/28/2016 timed sky test; this very strange event happened to me when I opened the image of my mother's painting to choose a joke image of a fantasy related to Destiny the science fiction prophecy. 

2.25.2017:  Looks like this is the way the experiment is going:

Attention readers: 5/23/2015: 

This unfinished novel was myself trying to conceptualize what I was feeling more than 3 years ago. It felt to me to be too connected. I became blocked for an ending. A great ending.

Please observe my disrespect of religion as the protagonist. Know this; I have had a major change about faith and religion and all hope providing behaviors. I now am embracing faith as a hope providing behavior that is needed for our continued survival. I will try my best to never disrespect faith again. Thank you.

- James Gray Mason.

Attention readers: 2/23/2016: This unfinished science fiction novel was me beginning to write a unique story. I worked on it off-and-on for about 2.5 years. I wrote 6 chapters. This may be related to Time Travel Wish and so I post these paragraphs here. Because what I did in my past and what I may have done (in possibly another future / timeline) may have been consequential in the choice of myself to validate what one day may be realized by previously self-absorbed and arrogant humans to be the greatest scientific achievement in all history: interdimensional breach into another timeline, discovered by an amature writer who sought to do pioneering things in his life and who had confidence in science and technology.

In this science fiction novel, a superhero was created by aliens. His name is (disrespectfully) is Jesus Carlson. I used my own personality to describe his feelings as best as I could. He was created to save Earth because those aliens found us to be valuable as survivors of a calamitous Earth history, to become new interstellar neighbors who are ushered into the neighborhood of other civilizations by a human and very down to Earth emissary to a particular alien race, who are the most advanced of all civilizations that had ever traveled to Earth.

I began writing in December of 2010, I last worked on this novel in mid-2014, on a new first chapter titled The Black Hole Test. It appears that chapter may be more relevant than I had previously thought prior to creating the website - as a scheme to both experiment and to make money collecting messages to be reached through time travel: in November of 2014. That website turned-out to be far more than I could have imagined in a million years, if a person could possibly live that long. Enjoy!

Destiny, the Story of the End of All Suffering, by James Gray Mason.

Also linked from a URL I may sell in the future (echo!).

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Abstract: in polishing machine/coming.

The Black Hole Test: chapter 1, August 2014.
Jesus Carlson the All Powerful: chapter 2, 2012-2013.


8/23/2016 look what I found today!

December 9, 2013: Writing the very strange science fiction prophecy novel: Destiny. An attempt at a full reading of the prologue of Destiny the Story of the End of All Suffering. At this time I was planning on keeping the end all suffering domain accounts for the novel's promotion. Writers have to think about promotion while they write, these days! 

I had forgotten I had made this video of myself reading the prologue to the very strange and unfinished science fiction prophecy novel: Destiny the story of the end of all suffering. Weird stuff!    Embedded in sidebar->>

I stopped working on that novel. 11 months later I began the experiment

Destiny crosses several genres, but it is primarily a science fiction comedy. Currently this book is ninety percent written and rewritten at least twice. And readers please forgive me if it's a tough read. There is not an professionally edited copy yet, but an English literature professor who is an accomplished editor is standing by at my home. The chapter below this article represents 1/5th of Destiny.

Chapter one is an introduction to the protagonist through his upbringing and history. The chapter is character building and gaining sympathy for the protagonist. Chapter two introduces and begins the relationship of the protagonist with an alien race that is integral in this science fiction. Much of Chapters two and three are the discoveries and actions of the protagonist that establish and distinguish him as a significant figure in the world capable of tremendous influence.

The world inside Destiny is a hopeful portrayal of a Human race that finds itself rapidly repairing all that is wrong in the methodology of our society. The tone and content of the story is best exemplified by the scrolling marquee to the right of this post (this news ticker is just one of the unique features of this book and is intended to appear as an updating live scroll on tablets and pads in ebook format.). I like to think that the science used in Destiny is based on the probable, with reason in the context of fiction. Not the highly unlikely or the classic supernatural.

Jesus and the Deshan Empire facilitate the end of hunger and disease and war and homelessness on Earth. This book ends before that first success but it leaves the reader with suspended disbelief that the End of All Suffering will happen. The tale of the struggle and the success of the protagonist Jesus "gee-zuss" Carlson begins by looking back at Jesus and the End All Suffering movements' beginnings. The story is delivered from the perspective of Jesus Disciple then twenty-two year old cub reporter, and later the author of Destiny the Story of the End of All Suffering, James Mason (yes me! Why not? I'm an amateur writer!).

The Deshan empire has been charged by the Galactic Alliance to make sure the planet Earth survives its' fast approaching Black Hole test. An inevitable difficult mathematical challenge that every evolving society in the universe, in a drive to control gravity and space, drives itself to participate in, and which usually results in entire planetary systems being instantly converted into quantum gravitational singularities, or Black Holes, changing navigable space for light years, and robbing our and other universes of matter. The universe in Destiny is littered with the singularities of millions of entire civilizations lost in an instant to their own curiosity.

The salvation of the planet is in the hands of Jesus "gee-zuss" Carlson a fifty year old who is a passionate and creative political activist, who is abducted by an advanced alien race, the large Empire of Desha, and he is anatomically retrofitted with an artificial eight-hundred year old consciousness and its high-tech robot integrated into Jesus' chest. Jesus becomes an immensely powerful terrifying and unstoppable warrior with control of gravity and who forces world leaders to participate in the end of all suffering or check-out. With alien technology and worlds of knowledge spanning centuries Jesus C. Carlson shows the Earth to have empathy, abandon their beliefs, and work together always toward an End to All Suffering.

Join all of the Galactic Alliance as they are spellbound to Desha Channel One and what they call the "Jesus Show." Join the esteemed Deshan military scientists Bin and Nim as they head project Humanity and make Jesus' efforts successful in the midst of their epidemic of Obsessive Compulsive disorder! See if they fall in love. Guess which one gets pregnant while in high orbit!

Join Jesus and his hot new girlfriend Mary Magellan as he and his Disciples and Loyalists save millions of lives and stop hunger and cancer and war and build hundreds of millions of homes. Monitor the thousands of world-wide actions that stop suffering by keeping up with the frequently appearing Jesus Watch News Ticker. Feel for Jesus as he hides from the Pope and the President and almost every world leader who wants his time. Find yourself sympathizing for his most evil and stupidest enemies as he creatively defeats armies and "regressors" of the End of All Suffering. Be proud for Jesus as he gets laid much more than usual. Be by Jesus' side as he impulsively assassinates uncooperative world leaders, and punishes his opposition "unreasonably!" Finally Jesus achieves his only really true goal and he falls in love with a beautiful woman.

Destiny is the story of the end of all suffering on Earth. Jesus Carlson takes names and kicks ass for the human species. For ten years he acted as the tool of the Deshan empire to save humans from themselves and ready them for entrance into the Galactic Alliance. He succeeds.

Above abstract written/rewritten: August, 2014. 

Title: Destiny
Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy, Alternative.
Words: 90,000 approximately
Published: No
Represented: No
Blasphemous: Yes
Books Titled Destiny:1,090,002

Chapter 4 Very Tough Love

Three and a half days passed since Jesus C. Carlson appeared to the world and fractured people's realities by performing several impossibilities in public view. Everything he did was witnessed by someone with a recording device. A few minutes after the speech Youtube servers crashed repeatedly from demand to see the videos. After the second day the recordings were seen by almost everyone with electricity. Not since the first moon landing had a world's population of civilized people watched so intently in awe of an only imagined event from their dreams or from a Hollywood movie unfolding in front of them. There was a realization among everyone that their lives may be effected by this new man on the scene, who frightens and amazes and is walking around like a freak from of a science fiction story. Jesus was rumored to be associated with beings from outer space, a pawn of an alien society. Some speculated he was a new stage of human evolution and a new day had dawned. Others were saying he was a creation of the military that got loose. It was irony and it seamed reasonable even to billions of people, who just a day or two ago, had confidence in believing in an imaginary man in the sky who was just looking out for them, but now were billions of people afraid of a man who may very well be from the sky, and is really just looking out for them. There were large numbers of the population insisting he was the Son of God whether he realized and accepted it or not. Just as many Christian leaders and believers called him the anti-Christ and excepted nothing but evil deeds from him, and his violent behavior of the past few days and his professed and loudly expressed atheism helped to fuel this idea.

For the past day Jesus and Mary Magellan and the dogs were hold up in the historic Nathan Hale School House, in Haddam Connecticut. So far the media or the government have not found them but Jesus knows that won't be the case for long.  He and Mary were on the lamb. Jesus' mind was running imagery of Bonnie and Clyde from the movie, he Clyde Barrow teamed with the beautiful Bonnie, high in emotion and romantic drama. Alternating imagery had him starring as Woody Allen with Diane Keaton in Sleeper, and soon he will go out and steal giant vegetables and bring Mary food.  Jesus had secured his parents house in Old Saybrook with gravity well force fields, essentially in a bubble. The missile exploding above the house sent his mother and father into an emotional alarm state. His mother screaming for Jesus to turn him self in to his psychiatrist, his father demanding their safety at all cost to Jesus.  For now his parents live behind an impenetrable field of energy as they join Jesus, unwillingly, in the adventures to come.

Jesus had been awake for two days without any sign of fatigue and his mood was up and his energy felt as if his insides were going to jump out of his body. He had just spent a second night writing a speech that would enlighten the world. The speech divulged everything Jesus knew about his situation, and it attempted to explain several of the actions he had committed up to that point. He needed a few things to be expressed and his strong resolve was most important. He wanted the world's leaders to understand his power and the limits of his tolerance, and he needed to issue warnings to those who would oppose him and his long term goal. He also wanted to calm the world down. He wanted all of the rioters to give it up and go home before more people were hurt or arrested. He wanted the military and police off his case so that he would not have to kill any of them. He wanted tens of millions and billions of people to join his cause and give their loyalty to the completion of his goal.

Jesus was aware most people would have two impressions of him and he wanted them all to know, that he knew about these impressions. He wanted to explain that there will be the bad Jesus many of them may grow to hate who was passionate and often angry, impulsive, and sometimes a sadistic man. And like all of us he carries his predetermined ideas about who is bad and who is good. They should quickly realize that he has a willingness and capability to deal with the bad swiftly with finality, and sometimes enjoyably. The world must grasp a new but old concept, that change is coming about, and it will not necessarily be non violent and that from then on we live in a corporal punishment world of rewards and punishments. Secondly, Jesus wanted to convey his concerned and compassionate side. The side of him that was emotional and or empathetic. Good Jesus wanted to leave the world with an  impression of a man genuinely invested in their planet, ready to defend it in both honorable or dishonorable ways. He wanted the word on the street to be that Jesus is benevolent, kind, compassionate and empathetic, and will not harm anyone who does not do harm in the world or attempt to harm him, actions which would cause the march forward toward the end of all suffering to regress. People's confidence must be high, and so their fear and so their caution, that he is a man with an ability to accomplish any physical task needed.

In whole Jesus wanted the speech to provide an optimistic picture of the future to ease the world's tensions, a picture of what his success would look like. He needed to stress the importance of this moment in Earth's history and present himself and his presence in the years to come as an opportunity the planet would never have again. He did not expect this last impression would be immediate. The importance of the moment will be denied and totally lost on many.

His Monday evening announcement that he was going to speak to the world the following day seemed to slow down activity in the hours nearing the speech . Everyone wanted to know what his motive was. They wanted to know the truth about aliens. They wanted to know what gives him the right to kill? They wanted to know who he hates and who he loves. Some worried and wanted to know if they were next to lose their heads.

In the United States, the politically apprised on the right-wing side of the republic, the pundits and the high-minded senators of generous microphone and camera time, feared Jesus' professed liberalism. Some speculated they might have to sacrifice something of their precious lives and lifestyles, like huge taxes, or homes confiscated from the rich and given to the poor from this angry and impulsive Robin Hood of the Earth, and that was a worldwide feeling among the wealthy and those with guilty consciences whose greed ran-away from their control years ago.

There was a lot of uncertainty about Jesus, and it was fascinating to him that most people seemed to be looking the other way at the violence and the three deaths so far that he was responsible for. It was as if they were forgiving Jesus for a reason far more important than expressing anger for a few deaths. Jesus felt the same way about those victims of his violent reactions, he totally forgives himself for those assassinations the night before, or else he couldn't go on.

As if by spontaneous and worldwide unanimous decision, in concert, individuals felt unity. People wanted to be together, outdoors and away from their own televisions, in churches, in stadiums, at parks, in high school auditoriums. In many cities local governments made arrangements to accommodate as many viewers and listeners as possible. They wanted to be together in case it were true that Jesus really was the savior of the world; a violent and impulsive savior who like super man will fight for justice, but whose only goal is to come to the rescue of an entire planet in distress and destroying itself. They wanted to be a part of history and remember a certain place, and the people they were with at the time that they joined thousands on a single incredible day. 

Jesus' new embedded friend, the eight-hundred year old consciousness named Delex, who Jesus was still unaware of, was ready to use his gentle guidance over Jesus’ thoughts and feelings, and his micro management of neurotransmitters and regulating hormones to make the speech a biological psychological success. He was conveying and producing feelings and images for Jesus to use that guaranteed this experience goes well for him. Images of people's faces pleased with Jesus' words, faces with understanding of the concepts Jesus was communicating. Delex presented feelings of  confidence, superiority, leadership, and even compassion for the audience, and even pity for the audience, the Earthlings, as Jesus' impression of the masses. He had regulated Jesus' hormones to be on the wild side. Jesus' levels of testosterone took front and center behind adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine levels. The speech was not expected to be as eloquent as some of the polished presentations of Earth's past. But Delex will interject prior to any poor choice of words, or stumbling or high emotion. Thanks to Delex Jesus felt no fear, no shyness, no hesitance and he was confident he could keep on topic and keep his message clear.

In mid Manhattan, in the GE building, behind the main stage and sitting on a director's chair at the news studio of MSNBC, Jesus and Mary waited excitedly while getting make-up applied. Jesus and Mary had told no one what location Jesus would speak from, and so foolishly Jesus thought he and Mary were safe enough. But below at Rockefeller Center it was clear that even though Jesus had been in the building for less than eight minutes, word had gotten out. Police cars and black SUVs and SWAT teams had formed a gauntlet of law enforcement around Rockefeller Plaza. For every law officer in the country Jesus' triple murder day needed to be paid for, just as if he was anyone else, and all over the world anyone involved in law-and-order really wanted him caught.

A large National Guard tank had rolled up onto the plaza and crushed the sidewalk underneath it. Remote control offensive tanks had entered the empty lobby and had nothing to do but bump into each other and then stop and park, with one of them smoldering from it's seams. Circling above were three black helicopters with computer assisted high speed Gatling guns at the ready, their head's up displays on the cockpit windshields flashing identities of federal agents and cops as they scurried for positions of safety around their vehicles and corners and potted trees.

A pretty girl was powdering Jesus' face and a beautiful woman he had admired for decades was about to interview him. Mary sat beside him enjoying the make-up artist's work, and she looked over at Jesus, and it was the look of a friend verifying that her friend was having a good a time as she was. For a moment Jesus stared at himself and captured a thought.

“Three beautiful women in my life just like that. It's like a dream. It’s true! Wealth, power and fame are like beauty magnets! Women like power even more than they like beauty. Even Mary is in some kind of  power attraction mode, I think. Shit I hope not.”

In an instant Delex sent Jesus a message, an image of uniformed armed men piling out of the elevator in a big hurry, “Oh dammit! The elevator shafts!” Jesus bolted out of his make-up chair and left the studio for the elevators. He forced the doors open on each elevator shaft, he leaned in to each shaft to see the elevators below and above, and he placed force fields on each of them. Then another image. "Oh Jesus Christ! The window-washing thing!” Jesus ran through offices and studios to find the side of the building which had the window crew’s platform. When he was finished he felt more secure, more able to give his speech calmly, and he was able to stop worrying temporarily for Mary’s safety. The audience cheered with this task completed. And then Jesus remembered the stairways and immediately he flew a few feet off the floor, very fast, turning through doorways and around corners with a blur, and he arrived at the stairwell in seconds. When Jesus returned to his seat on stage the audience was standing and cheered his return to the studio.

In high orbit, Bin and Wanter and Bor and several other scientists on the team were in front of the large monitor on the bridge in anticipation of the historic event that was about to unfold. But the experience of Jesus' historic speech would be partly ruined for them due to stubborn and loud and sometimes personalized bickering about whose Deshan Pendu soup was better, restaurant A on Desha 3, or restaurant B on Deshan moon 2?  The crew had divided into soup camps. The matter had grown more serious earlier that day when personal insults were thrown in the crew’s mess, as if the very morality of a Deshan turned on his choice of soups. Because of this childish division, morale on board was horrible. It was a bad vibe that Bin felt could result in a mishap or even threaten the whole mission altogether.

At the crew's home on Desha the planet was prepared to watch the entire "Earth Show" outside their homes, looking up at thirty-five degrees above the horizon, on a screen floating in low orbit above every city that runs Desha-1 channel all day, that stretches fifty miles across space with a screen with resolution which could present the life size image of a single bacteria. Deshans took their responsibility to Earth seriously to the point of obsession, and today all very anxious, with their spindly legs shaking in the minutes before the speech, the flooring of the many beautiful Deshan garden park viewing areas literally vibrated in anticipation of a speech that would mark the beginning of historic social change for their favorite pet primitive planet.

As the world waited for Katie Couric to introduce Jesus the Earth watched the live feed-to-satellite showing pictures and videos with ominous background music and images of the jet fighter parked on the front porch of the White House, the very end of the nose of the plane kissing the door's surface within a centimeter. They were shown images of the body of 92 year old Robert E. Lee, laid out on the beach in Old Saybrook under a coroner's white death shroud, and police cars stuck in the sand, two of them pointed toward the sky. There was live video of the large movement of police below in the plaza and on the street and in the air, and of emergency personal foraging through a multi helicopter crash site on the side of mountain in rural New Hampshire. The world saw images of more than a dozen security guards at the casino trapped against the ceiling, some waving their arms about, some holding tasers and phones or guns, all of them showing scared child's faces while staring down at the rescuers, some with their pants soaked from urine, and on the floor beneath them orange caution cones so rescuers don't get urinated on. The world saw images of the one missile that got past Jesus hitting the force field above his parent’s house with a huge orange, red and yellow fireball that scorched the tops of trees around Jesus' small studio apartment. The feed showed a clip of Jesus and Mary holding each other, looking upward and then magically taking to the sky for flight without mechanics, without a vessel. The image of law officers standing around the body of Glenn Dick in the Lincoln memorial, with visible blood and brain matter splattered against the base of the Abraham Lincoln statue, and video of two government goons being ejected through the second floor window of Mary's apartment and with one quick motion thrown into the sky to a breathless 60,000 feet and then, in seconds quickly and safely brought back to the ground to breathe and then run away like they had seen Casper the ghost. There was the impressive aerial video of the miles long trails of cars and people on foot, trying to get near to Jesus' home in Connecticut, and video of scattered individuals, dozens of small boats and many on foot trudging towards Jesus' home through marsh and on soggy river banks and through the woods along the Connecticut river near the house. A distraught mother holding up her crying baby to the camera and pleading for help from Jesus and it was the same mother who had stopped Jesus and Mary in his new car. There was slapstick comic video of two Old Saybrook police officers being pulled by an invisible force, quickly stammering backwards down a gravel driveway away from Jesus' apartment with their pants around their ankles, one had lost his boxers and was rear-end naked, his white fleshy butt bouncing around for the cameras, both policemen were flailing their arms about trying not to fall over. In front of them expelled from their uniforms and falling out of pockets and off their belts and littering the driveway were handcuffs, tasers, clubs, cell phones and radios, wallets and loose change, one leaving a shoe behind. The audience giggled nervously at first but then in seconds laughed hard and genuinely at the officer's outrageous and very embarrassing predicament.

Jesus wore a dark gray suit jacket with a tie and jeans for the occasion and he could have used a shave. Mary wore a dazzling high cut, backless cherry red glimmering second skin that robbed the attention of every man and lesbian on the studio floor and in the world. Under the hot stage lighting she sat next to Jesus with her leg crossed exposing the under side of her bare thigh to the audience. She was holding down Jesus'  hand on her leg as if afraid he may leave. On a firm couch across from Katy Couric, who was reading her notes off a clipboard, Jesus and Mary sat excited, looking around them at everything so novel to them. Jesus was trying to smile but he was also keeping an eye out toward corners of the studio and ceiling catwalks and behind him for more threats. Smiling from the spectacle Mary spied the audience, for people or johns she might know from New York City dates.

“Good evening, I’m Katie Couric. In just three days in just under ninety one hours now, a forty-nine year old unemployed man from Connecticut named Jesus C. Carlson has become the most famous person on Earth. He appears to control the physics of our universe with such powers that he is called a superhero by many. Unfortunately, he is called a villain and a threat to national security by others. Tonight it is our hope that Jesus, who also has been disabled for more than fifteen years with a serious mood disorder, who is also an amateur writer, and a long time political activist, will explain his motives and his plans if any for himself and for all of our futures." Katy Couric did not miss a beat and did not blink an eye.  But Jesus was starring at her after she paused as he was surprised at this exposure of his mental illness. He wasn't ready for it but he let the surprise go without notice, the approaching speech was too important to him to worry.  The camera then went to Jesus and Katy Couric leaned toward him.

"Mr. Carlson, what has happened to you? What is different about you this week that was not the case last week? Were you indeed captured by aliens and altered to suit their purposes?  Is their purpose to do us harm?”

“Uhmmm, yes Katy, before I go any further in this interview, I want to introduce to the world my wonderful new girlfriend, Mary Magellan.”

Immediately at the sound of Mary's name the audience collectively mumbled deep sounds of worry and caution, and then a man's voice yelling came from the rear of the audience "SLUT . . JEZEBEL!". Instantly Jesus became enraged and sprang into the air darting to rear of the studio and he stopped in two seconds above the back row and hovered above a white man of about seventy with a long white beard. The man wore a trench coat and held up a full sized tattered bible as if to guard himself from Jesus. On a studio crane swinging across the audience a camera man chased Jesus to the scene. The world and Desha watched as Jesus began to deal with a troublemaker.

"Sta, sta, stay away from me evil one! Go back to the bowels of hell where you came from!" The man was terrified and was shaking. Jesus angry as hell, managed an evil smile. But that was what the old man was expecting, someone sinister who enjoyed inflicting punishments.

"I'll be nice to you, but I'm going to shut you up for the remainder of my presentation."

Jesus put a micro gravity well in front of the man's lips and closed them air tight. He then floated the man to the stage. About four feet off the floor of the set, and about ten feet behind the interview couch and chair, in the middle of the stage, the man was splayed out like Jesus Christ on a cross, his arms extended, his legs together and a fat bible in his left hand. Jesus did this on purpose, his mocking of Christianity a favorite past time he will quickly admit without shame. The old man hung in the air for the whole speech, sacrilegiously ominous, punished, humiliated. The audience cheered when the man took his place above the floor. For them this was the coolest thing they had ever seen. Within a few months this image of Jesus angrily looking into the camera with the old man and his bible hovering in invisible bondage behind him in the rear of the set, became the quintessential Jesus poster to have at home, and an omen of the near future.

"Uhmm. Where was I? Oh yes, Mary Magellan my new girlfriend who I am very excited about. And I know her name sounds like Mary Magdalene's name of the Christian bible, so what for God's sake! It's a coincidence for Christ's sake. A few days ago she came into my life as if she were waiting for me to arrive. She's smart, she has what I like to call elder wisdom. She's starting college this summer. And as far as I can see, she is the most beautiful woman in the world!" The audience quickly rose and cheered and applauded for Mary and Jesus as a couple standing in history before them. Jesus raised his voice above the clapping and added "She gives me her loyalty and in return I give her mine and I will do whatever I can to uphold this trust!" A statement the world would later learn was an essential aspect of Jesus' success while on Earth.

In a surprise move to the stage crew and audience, Jesus turned in his seat to face Camera #1 and he slowly stood and walked to the edge of the stage. The camera placed his face slightly left, enough to show the bearded old white man with a bible hanging in the air behind him. He began his speech reading from his teleprompter data arranged by Bob the producer, a new instant loyalist in the studio.

"Good day Earth and my neighbors in the United States of America. You may already know that I am Jesus Carlson, and you may have already seen videos and pictures exhibiting some of my newfound powers. My goal is tremendous and it will seem unrealistic and unreachable to most of you. I will use the best of every nation’s abilities to work through the challenge we will all face. My very determined goal is to facilitate measures toward the end of all suffering on our planet." Jesus then raised his voice to an almost yelling level. "And I will personally destroy any persons or things that exist on our planet that function contrary to ending all suffering!" 

Like Hitler on too much coffee, Jesus had become aggressive at the end of his first paragraph and he remained so for the rest of the speech. The statement fell on Earth's ears like a lead hat. Surprised and starring at Jesus with incredulity, Katie Couric sat back in her chair and ceded the camera time completely to Jesus.

Following the words ". . to end all suffering" the audience jumped up out of their seats and erupted with hard clapping, whooping and whistling. Jesus and Mary acknowledged the audience with smiles and nods. Jesus let the applause go on for a long ten seconds as he kept a straight face, serious and angry looking.

Following this opening paragraph the world's women dropped their jaws in disbelief and their genetically built-in emotion of maternal empathy rose to the surface. Those with children frantically called them over to the television and held them tight and made them watch.

Acceptance of the premise "end all suffering"  was divided between the men and the women. The women of the world, started listening with hope and undivided attention. About half of the men listening became instant skeptics and immediately thought of the obstacles in the way of this demigod. Those men quickly perceived the goal as unrealistic liberal dreaming. Not one of the men was spared from a deep-seated survivalists' fear of Jesus' power. And the men around the world felt jealousy of Jesus for the beautiful woman he has attracted to his side.

Katy Couric stood up and motioned for the audience to calm down. Jesus continued, now fueled by the excitement throughout the entire studio.

"Before I continue with my message I want to clear something up. I am not a Christian. I am an atheist. A strong atheist, meaning I actually want there to be fewer believers in the world. I am certain we would all be better off without beliefs bouncing around in our heads. As a strong atheist I protest with my feet. I was recognized for my willingness to dress up like Jesus Christ and put myself out there and stop the mixing of church and state. I received a plaque from the American Atheists at one of their conventions. I have a lifetime subscription to an Atheist magazine. Look at my arm!”  Jesus rolled up his left arm sleeve to reveal a three inch long black inverted Christian cross tattoo.  “See! Would a person who is not an atheist do something like this? Please, please all of you faithful, give up your idea that I am the Jesus of fable written of in the Christian bible. Just give it up. Religion will play an important role in ending all suffering, but I am not affiliated with any religion, and I am not even a spiritual person.!"

In high orbit a console that presented Delex's efforts in every detail of Jesus' human emotion, also had a display of Delex's emotions above it, and a smiling digital Deshan face presented Delex's joy with this moment. He was having a blast. He loved his job dearly.

"And I want to apologize to everyone for the accidental death of Mr. Robert E. Lee on Sunday. He was a better man than me. And a better man then most men. He put his life on the line in the most fierce war we have even seen. He personally witnessed Kamikaze fighter planes headed straight for him. He stood on deck on the battleship Missouri, docked in Tokyo Bay, during that historic moment when General Douglas Macarthur received the surrender of Japan. He maintained a fifty-five year loving marriage and raised a son. He deserved a peaceful death. Not moments of shock and horror with his last breath. He is survived by his son Edward who lives in Killingalot, Connecticut, who will be receiving a one million dollar apology from me. A poor reconciliation but it's money that will allow him to live like few others get to, and hopefully for the rest of his life."

"I also need to apologize to Major Tom. I should have removed him from the cockpit of his fighter jet before sending his plane on a terrifying three hundred and fifty mile journey to the front door of the White House. I hope that Major Tom does not experience post-traumatic stress from this event. Again, compensation for this horrific plane ride out of his control, will be one million dollars."

"I will not ever apologize for the deaths of two conservative idiot pundits who I fantasized about killing for years. I am certain the world is better off without them, maybe not their surviving loved ones are better off, of course, but that's tough!" The audience cheered. "These idiots who liked hearing their own voices operated from a place of selfishness pandering to the selfish among us. They capitalized on unreasonable fears that they manufactured and maintained! And these pundits did not live in a fact-based reality. It is as if they purposefully ignored the facts behind their statements. Both of them would propose concepts and ideas without even looking back ten years or so for evidence that their crazy conservative ideas would work! This kind of broadcasted ignorance and deception will not be tolerated anymore. A common factor with these two is that they felt no empathy for the downtrodden in our society. While they were alive they denied that they caused any damage. They never even investigated the effects of their broadcast conservatism on our population. To other pundits out there, from now on if you are saying something factual, be careful what you say, only tell the truth, post every stated fact on your websites. Every mouthpiece and every news disseminator are from now on accountable to the truth or lose their nice way of life. Don't let these demands for honest reporting hinder the editorialists out there. I will never attempt to prevent editorials, our opinions are sacred, sort of. I do have one regret, I kind of regret I tortured them. I guess it was a hateful impulse, and once I started I felt my power and the torture continued for too long. But I did enjoy breaking Dicks's arrogant little head open on the statue of Abraham Lincoln. He convinced millions of other idiots that Abe Lincoln was a conservative just because he was a Republican, morons. Imagine an abolitionist conservative? No. Lincoln was a liberal definitely. But Dick had shit for brains, and as it turned-out he didn't have much of that either!" Jesus smiled and quickly looked over the audience for agreement, and found only a few smiles and faint clapping. 

"That's right, I am impulsive, I'm often angry, and damn straight I get violent. Do I sound like a political bigot? Your damn right I do. I've been following politics for thirty years and yes, I have stereotypes for them all, and they all have earned them. All the more reason to heed my requests and walk on eggshells when it comes to dealing with me." Jesus seemed to look deeper into the camera's lens.
"An amusing phrase often heard in politics is that “I would love to be the president if only I could be a dictator.”  Well I am going to be a dictator like it or not. A ruthless and very determined dictator. I am going to make a lot of changes and there will be widespread anger, but there will also be accolades for the work we are going to do. From this day on there will be no more chances to rule autonomously by any one world or national leader, except in the case of myself ruling all of you. You will witness that I will ignore the laws and constitutions of all nations if those laws hinder or prevent me from enforcing and maintaining actions that move us toward the new worldwide goal of an end to all suffering. Do not get me wrong, democracy is the best form of government we know. In fact, one of my goals is to ensure that every single nation is using the political tool of democracy before I leave. However, the partisan, restricted tool of democracy has its flaws and we who have lived under democracy know that the process of change can be agonizingly slow, decades in many instances, and often not at all effective because of the concessions and moderation and conservatism associated with all democratic politics. Many people have actually died while waiting for politicians and congress to change a single easily agreed upon law!"

"When it comes to ending all suffering, we humans have really blown it.  We have failed miserably. On a few continents, some humans seem to be content with curbing suffering just enough to get the sufferers and their advocates off their backs. That type of weak assistance toward the end of all suffering is no more. From now on every measure to end all suffering will be completed, followed through, and intervention assistance will be generous and its outcomes made to last."

"Our values will have drastically changed by the time I am done. We will then measure the success of our nations and our world, not by our gross domestic product, not by our numbers of millionaires and billionaires, not by the luxuries we have, and especially not by the size and capacity to destroy and kill our neighbors. We will only measure our collective happiness. We'll measure the abundance of  food and the absence of hunger, good shelter for all, full educations and the markedly improving general health and welfare of all citizens." Jesus paused and let the audience cheer and applaud.

"For two decades, my personal goal in life as a political activist and an advocate for the poor and the under served, has been to always strive toward ending all suffering. Now that I have these powerful abilities my goal of ending all suffering is within reach. I now have hope that together we can achieve the end of suffering, such as ending hunger, ending disease, ending unnecessary violence, ending torture. Additionally I will facilitate the end of insufficient housing and food, and transportation, good educations and having ample leisure time for all. These will conditions will become viewed as a matter of being essential for all of our lives!" The cheering became louder and the applause lasted longer. But some were paused, partly shocked that a man who wants to take over the world and bring more leisure time is speaking so intent to the world about time-off.

Jesus had a barely recognizable smile of satisfaction. It's a familiar smile to those around him and now to Mary. It means message delivered, point made, and it was seen several times a minute even between the most serious subjects. But then he dropped his left lower lip ever so slightly, changing his face as if to say "  . . take this next statement with a grain of salt ." And the billions of people then listened for the important information they had gathered for.

"Four days ago, I began to notice unusual abilities within my own body. I learned I could move large and small, heavy or light objects in any direction, with pinpoint accuracy, and with any degree of force I choose. I can suspend a housefly in midair or vanish a planet out of existence within moments. With one swipe of my hand I could blow fifty tanks off a highway like leaves in the wind. I can throw thousands of armed aircraft into the oceans and into mountainsides with little effort. I can turn whole naval fleets upside down. I can pull submarines out of the water and fly them through the sky or even into outer space.  I can create earthquakes large and small by applying tremendous pressure downward or use tremendous force to pull tectonic plates apart. I can cause volcanoes to erupt and bury lands in lava and ash. I can isolate any country from communication, from trade, from immigration or travel. I can fly my body through the air at great speed. I can create hurricanes like none ever seen, to flood land hundreds of miles from landfall. I can create sandstorms that completely bury cities.  I can block all sunlight to a city, a county, a nation, or the entire planet for as long as I feel is necessary. I can transport myself to any place on the planet just by visualizing a location. I can assassinate anyone on the planet within seconds. This action will be very persuasive. This power will allow me to visit anyone at any time at any location anywhere for any reason, especially for reasons to advance an end to all suffering, or in many cases to eliminate opposition to an end to all suffering."

Jesus held up his pointer finger to imply pause and patience with him or "one moment." Then he vanished in two seconds time, leaving a small cloud of sparkling light which quickly dissapeared. The camera swerved left and right, the full studio shot of the stage showed he was nowhere to be seen. It was about seven seconds of blank air. The camera went to Katy Couric looking puzzled, looking around frantically. Then he came back, with the president of Chile, Augusto Telfadera, held by his hair, struggling and looking terrified while Jesus was pressing the blade of a twelve inch Bowie hunting knife into his neck, a droplet of blood ran down from the small cut the president was receiving. The audience reaction was shock and dismay vocalized by the sound of one deep inhalation of three hundred people, some women screamed, some men shot upwards as if wanting to help Jesus' victim. The president's eyes, his face in disbelief, darted all around him and he writhed in Jesus' arms. It was only about six seconds and they disappeared leaving two small clouds of sparkle. Jesus came back right-away, without the president. The audience fell silent and sat and waited for Jesus' next words. Jesus stood with the knife in his left hand raised to chest level and it's end pointed to the floor, it's wet red tip  reminding the world of the reality of what had just happened. His gaze at the camera was unflinching.

"I am sure the president of Chile, who many of you know as a murdering liar, will be complying as best as he can with me in the future." Jesus wiped the blade off on the bottom of his jeans and then he continued to hold the knife low at his side as if comfortable with it.

"Brick and steel or the depth of the Earth are of no barrier to me. I can foresee events into the near future and I can see accidents and the reactions to them before they occur. My flesh is impermeable to knives or to bullets or flames or the concussion from explosions. I can see at telescopic distances restricted only by the curvature of the Earth. I can disable and vanish firearms in seconds, never to be recovered. "

"Why these powers were bestowed on me, I do not know. What alien race is responsible for this, I do not know. Perhaps they are watching now to see what I will do. Perhaps they are listening to this speech right now. Regardless of who has given me these powers, I feel as if their goal must be what mine is: to end all suffering on Earth."

At Desha City, on the half mile square glass Mezzanine over two million Deshans gathered, many having picnics and all of them accompanied by their wicker picnic baskets each with red and white checkered tablecloths folded over their food, just like the Yogi Bear picnic baskets from Earth cartoons. The people of Desha enjoyed the perfect temperature and a delightful view of a glowing purple evening sky with passing Deshans in Wright Flyers as the background for the live Earth Show beautifully displayed from a large satellite entertainment array about thirty degrees above the horizon. These entertainment arrays are in orbit above just about every city on Desha. The crowd briskly patted their heads and then bobbed up and down four times each, and some two more times just in case, upon watching Jesus mention them unknowingly.

"Earth, we have had plenty of opportunity to take responsibility for ourselves. For the pain dispensed, for the losses, for the actions that have lead us toward greater suffering and not less suffering as it should be, we should have to take responsibility for these consequences of our inaction and act!" Jesus beamed the audience left to right and they cheered and applauded for several seconds. 

"From now on no one nation is less responsible for the actions of another or the conditions within, than any other nation is less responsible. Nations will from now on bear responsibility for the whole of Earth.  We will behave as a community existing in one small tent. In every case the whole planet will be held responsible for the continued suffering of other nations, whether they are friends, or enemies or frienemies. A great phrase that sums up this sense of responsibility, of community, and of unity, comes from a well-known story The Three Musketeers: "All for one and one for all!"" Jesus held up is pointer finger and raised his voice. Jesus waited for the laughter or cheers, but there was no laughter or cheering. Perhaps it was all too much for the audience to absorb on the fly.

"I'll be called a socialist and that won't far off. I'll be called communist, unfair, undemocratic, fascist, discriminating, biased, unpatriotic, violent, egotistical, unethical and immoral, and several other defaming terms. All of our policy in the future, everything that we do or that I do will have detractors loud and frequent. Something for everyone to hate and to love. What ever style of governing you want to call it, I will be righting injustices everyday and there will always be people who define injustice differently from me. There will be no shortage of measures for everyone to bitch about, or shortage of names to call me." Protest, editorialize, demonstrate but don't act to interfere with new policy or actions designed to end all suffering, or you will have to be stopped."

"From this day on the purpose of the lives of every one of you will be to end all suffering in your lifetimes. It is my primary purpose. I think, maybe, it is why I have the power I do. It is why I will use my power with haste and as forcefully as needed and I will not always be able to spare human lives to reach that goal. Often when working toward the goal, the few must die so the many can experience an end of all suffering. I think this is inevitable, I'm sorry it may have to happen."

"Nations will test me and that is unfortunate, because nations not in compliance with my orders will definitely suffer losses. People will doubt my power and then whole populations will foolishly have courage enough to rise up against me. They will feel that their freedom is being violated, and they will propagate the idea that fighting me is fighting for life and liberty. This inevitability is unfortunate and I apologize ahead of time to loved ones and families and friends who will survive the loss of these fighters during any battle to protect the actions that progress us toward ending all suffering."

"In a short time I will be delivering lists of imperatives. I will defend these imperatives vigorously and I will punish without mercy any nation or persons not in compliance. In the early days of this worldwide effort, nations will disobey the imperatives as a matter of national pride. I will make examples of these early noncompliant nations for all to witness and then all the rest of the nations can carefully reconsider their choices. National pride can be a death sentence! When an imperative is released, nations will have the clear option of compliance or punishment. It will be that simple. There will never be bargaining with me over these imperatives. Each nation should consider the presentation of one of these imperatives to be a-do-or-die proposal. I repeat, comply or suffer, be without, be singled out for correction, be shamed, be publicly displayed as against good, and be ready for many creative uses of my power that all of your imaginations lack the ability to visualize."

"I feel now that with my new superhuman powers, as I have felt for twenty years as a political activist, that this goal can be made reality because never before has the goal of ending all suffering been the collective goal of the nations of the entire world. To summarize the concept: Any one nation’s suffering that could have been prevented will become the responsibility of all humanity. There is one thing I can promise you all. One day I will be gone. On that day, the world I will leave you with will be a far better place to live in than the world is today, and hopefully it will be the end of all suffering."

"To all of you hearing my words now, consider strongly whether or not what you are doing, in your career, or in your family, or in your community is progressing toward an end to all suffering.  If what you do lends to negative consequences in our world, like working for a weapons manufacturer or a prison guard whose captives are political prisoners or non-violent drug users, then you are complicit in obstructing an end to all suffering and your behavior will be changed for you if you don't handle it yourself!"  Jesus yelled the statement. He had a patch of sweat barely  showing on his forehead and he was looking into the camera lens as a concerned father scolding his child.

"If what you do saps the energy from our society without giving back beneficially, and is a hindrance or an outright opposition toward our new goal, give up what you are doing, very soon, because the masses and myself will visit you and will stop you. And we won't stop at destroying your death factories, we will target every executive in your offices and we will make a public example of your top executives, your CEOs, and presidents. If you carry stock of a company whose output is negative, who can't exist without war for instance, sell that stock, even at a loss, get out fast and warn your associates to do the same."

"If you are struggling to put food on the table for yourself or your family then you are doing all that you can to work toward the end of all suffering and you should be applauded for your efforts to survive and help  your family survive, and in many cases, survive in the face of seemingly hopeless economic situations."

"I sincerely hope that there is no harm to any of you during this important transformation of our planet's social structure, and as we move away from the values which have allowed more and more suffering to occur."

"Earth listen to me real hard now." Jesus paused  and put his head down for just a moment, the he looked over to the studio audience and glanced around one side to the other. He then turned quickly back to the camera and his forehead wrinkled with concern. He began to speak again and his voice was deeper and could be perceived as a warm and consoling voice. He was trying to identify the heavy feeling of the weight and importance of what he was going to say next.

And he spoke slowly seemingly spacing these words in a rhythm.

"Somehow, I'm not sure I know how, but I am certain this will be our only opportunity to be a successful planet!" Jesus yelled at the center of the camera's lens.

"And I know the word 'successful' to describe a planet is awkward but I somehow know that success is official on the first day that no one is hungry or without a home who could be helped by the resources of another or of a community!" The audience roared and applauded.

"I'm  confident we can do it. I know somehow that we have all the energy and desire we need to accomplish that success!"

"Please go to for releases of "imperatives" and progress updates that I will post there very soon. The site will be used to report anyone not working toward an end to all suffering, and to contribute ideas toward our unified goal of ending all suffering."

"I will now read the first three of several imperatives. Each one of these three imperatives applies to the whole world. I swear by my very life that these imperatives will be complied with or else it will be a world of suffering for a lot of world leaders!"

"Imperative 1: All military action must cease immediately. All out-of- country military bases must be abandoned and all military personnel and equipment that can be transported are to return to their own nations within 30 days. No bargaining. Nations not in compliance will suffer a creative and unfair punishment which will greatly outweigh the crime of noncompliance. If you are exchanging fire at this time, let me, or anyone loyal to me, know where the battling continues, and as fast as I can I will disarm the area so retreats can proceed."

"Imperative 2: Set free with $1,000 cash any prisoner convicted of a drug related non-violent crime worldwide and legalize all so-called “street drugs” as of tomorrow. If a prisoner was sentenced for a non-violent crime, but he or she was involved in violence while in prison, that violence is forgiven and that man or woman should be let go. We are going to practice empathy by providing fully-staffed addiction treatment centers everywhere they need to be. But these people will not rot behind bars for one more day while we build that new caring infrastructure."

"Imperative 3: All torture is illegal as of the end of this sentence. It stops now. Offenders will be severely punished. Past offenders will be investigated and tried, and punished unreasonably. My advice to you torturers, whether you were under orders or not, is run like hell because your lives are now worth far far less than the lives you tortured. If your orders were to torture or die, I don't want to hear your whining, you should have chose the death option, rather than continue and torture, because now I've got a mind to make you wish you were dead. Torturers are from now on expendable people. Every single leader who is known to have ordered torture should also run like hell. Abandon your post as a leader and hide somewhere from my justice. Anyone seeing torture, hearing of it, having knowledge of past torturing should go to the website and make a detailed report that can be verified by witnesses."

"I will begin inspecting the progress of imperatives one, two, and three soon."

"Finally I want to give fair warning to those who will consider defeating me and stopping this new movement. Try to harm me or my loyalists or my disciples and my response will be way out of line, way past your idea of an equivalent punishment for your attempt to harm me. You brave or possibly idiotic soldiers of selfish ideology, put your things in order and don't leave your families in poverty without a father or mother. Their lives must be made more important to you than having to live on with me."  

"I want to leave you with a statement from a song I used to love to listen to as a boy. Back then I never fully understood its meaning, I didn’t care, but now it has more meaning than ever to me and it should for you:  And the men who hold high places must be the ones who start to mold a new reality closer to the heart . . . closer to the heart."

"Thank you for your time.” Jesus smiled slightly from the corner of his mouth and calmly turned away and went to Mary, and the two new lovers embraced on stage for the world to see.

Jesus released the bearded bible thumper and he fell to the floor with a thud, and scrambled to his feet and ran for the exit.

Katy Couric was bent over in her seat visibly pouting. The world had been treated to a presentation packed with hope. Hope as they had never heard or read from anyone in their lifetimes.

Jesus let go a large sigh of relief that he had delivered his feelings to the world. The satisfaction of this act of political expression was colossal for Jesus, compared to the more than fifty letters to the editor and blogging over twenty-five years. He was heard from now by everyone, without a doubt in his mind, everyone was thinking about him and whether or not their lives moved towards or away from an end to all suffering as Jesus has requested with threat of punishment. Jesus and Mary vanished in each other's arms to return to the quiet of the Nathan Hale school house, to be at peace, to take stock of their lives, contemplate the speech, to organize priorities, and to add liberal amounts of flower scented massage oil to the new no gravity pressurized mid air sex that Jesus and Mary had recently discovered. 

 The live feed then showed the outside of the building and down to the street where law enforcement were waiting for an attempt at catching Jesus. The video feed then went to a large cheering crowd in Times Square where an uproar had begun, and then to Italy.

Rome: In Vatican City at Saint Peter’s square, the largest and most densely packed assemblage of the faithful that had ever been gathered watched Jesus’ speech on three  giant television screens. When Jesus finished and the translation ended the crowd fell silent for several seconds, stunned at the grandiosity of it all. Then a combined noise erupted of applause, yelling, whistling and horn blowing. Jesus' audience and the pope's faithful were throwing hats and clothes and the crowd was waving and jumping up and down, animating the entire square. Pope Benedict XVI had been watching Jesus’ speech from his office, and he sat still with his hands folded in front of him in contemplation for a couple of minutes. Jesus’ message of end all suffering strongly appealed to the pope and his huddled entourage of holy red robed men in his office. In one clear and intense thought the pope imagined and looked forward to a surge of worldwide compassion and empathy. He was suddenly no longer afraid of Jesus now that his intentions had been made so clear. Responding to the eruption of the crowd the pope rose from his desk and walked out onto the window balcony and made himself seen above the square. A large spotlight beamed on him. His figure, as seen from below in the square, seemed to glow around the edges. He waited a few moments until everyone was looking at him and the crowd fell silent. Instead of the usual side to side waving of his hand with a smile, he made a fist and squeezed it hard, almost in anger. Then with determination, and from under his robe, he threw his bare arm upward and held his fist up straight toward the stars. Such behavior had never been seen in a holy leader. The crowd acknowledged his message breaking into a second wave of joy and loud cheering.

Clothes were coming off as the spotlights danced over the jumping crowd, children were riding their father's shoulders, the fountains filled with celebrators splashing into the colored lights. High above Central Italy a laterally shaped dark cloud with a glowing white outline moved swiftly toward the south and revealed a full and unusually bright moon.

Seeing the pope make his jester of empowerment, the crowd knew exactly what he meant. He meant a new dawn is here and there would finally be victory for the Catholic Church and the never satisfied work they do to stave off starvation, feed and house the homeless, and provide comfort for the indigent and the drug addicted. It was a communication of power to the people. The days of waving to the faithful crowds was over and from now on it would be fists of empowerment going to work with zeal and with hope. At this great moment it was clear that the power of Jesus Carlson would not be the greatest factor in ending all suffering. It will be Jesus' power to empower the people that would eventually end all suffering.

Amazingly and with their positive expectations about Jesus and the speech, nations around the world had mobilized their governments and had become traveling showmen in hours, preparing parks and streets and monuments and public squares for the presentation. It was a feeling of hope in the face of a great unknown that drove us all that day. The fastest to the punch and the most elaborate and most impressive were the French. In Paris on the grassy and gracious Champ De Mars grounds, with the massive swelling of Parisians facing the east and west sides of the Ieffel tower, the world wide recognized structure had been draped corner to corner with one hundred foot long cloth screens for word marquee texting of the speech. The show was seventy meters above the ground and Jesus' broadcast was projected to a large screen below the words for millions of Parisians to witness for miles. In nearly real time the speech was translated and sent to be projected onto the sides of the tower to make brightly illuminated two meter high red scrolling words. It was a sight for postcards into the far future. It was as if the French knew fast that this was going to be a one of a kind historic event for the planet.

In New York City, at Times Square a glitch in the video feed left the image of Jesus frozen on the big  screen just after he finished speaking. In a never-before-seen spectacle, over seventy-five  thousand New Yorkers in line of sight of it, gathered tightly around the big screen and were looking up and facing the image of Jesus. They applauded and whistled for several minutes until their hands hurt and their mouths got dry. It was also as if Jesus was already royalty and they were paying homage. It was as if they were personally lauding an orchestra conductor on stage, all smiling, all feeling appreciative and hopeful. It was bit strange for Americans, a kind of a submissive looking scene but happy and they were glowing under the night lights and the world watched the New Yorkers watch. The event was too important for protocol, for policy rules, for keeping one's job. Helmeted and emotionless mounted police, instead of moving the mob by brute force as they had been told to do, revealed themselves and their faces lit-up and they dismounted and they reached and touched gently the hands and shoulders of those near them, and they grabbed kids and gave rides on their huge mounts and they mixed well with the crowd, a typical soup of American diversity. Shop owners and employees left their stores and restaurants and essentially walked off their jobs, having quickly decided to be a part of history for one night. About ten minutes after the speech ended, the mayor's limousine reached Times Square and it drove slowly straight into the center of the crowd and the mayor ran to the front of the vehicle and he jumped onto the hood and with the fervor of a body-painted football fan in forty degree weather, he repeated the pope's very expressive motion just seen by the world, pumping his fist into the air as if charging the people. Times Square had never seen a party last all night, always cleared out, always cleaned up quick. But at this party the dancing and frolicking did not end until lunchtime the next day, when traffic was able to proceed past sleeping revelers holding onto each other as pillows, who would soon wake up to a new kind of world. 

Natural disasters bring people together to join in making their world's whole again, but Jesus' announcement of what had seemed to be a world wide revolution, had inspired unity among most of the world without first having a disaster. Every man and woman with an ounce of empathy cried in joy. For once they were visualizing a positive future for their sons and daughters. Outside in every city car horns and guns sounded out in triumph and in the hope people will stop bitching about the world and, with Jesus' help, really do something about it. In cities windows were opened and people leaned out and waved scarves and hats at celebrators in the streets. At the steps and stoops of brownstones and row houses and shotgun shacks and in the small parks next to the public housing buildings people came out to verify with their own eyes and ears the hopeful message to the world that they just heard, that was almost too good to be true.

In the suburbs a blanket of uncertainty and pessimism about the future was lifted and neighbors came outside and talked about the speech. Their children put down their inside electronics and game controllers and came outside where they could actually feel their parent's hope, and it was energizing to them that their parents, who had never really talked to the other parents were outside waving their arms around and pointing and many of them were smiling and they continued to be amazed all night. The children played until way pass sunset as all over the planet, it was a night off. It would become a holiday.

The bizarre inter sectarian riots, initiated by those who seemed to have the most fear of Jesus and were the youngest adults and the most passionate for their religion, that had been continuing for the past couple of days, then immediately stopped all over the world and the rioters went to their smart phones and wi-fi and stood in the streets stunned and watching the replays of the speech. And after joining in that experience, out in the summer night, the dirty and hot and drooping rioters went home physically and emotionally wiped-out and rethinking their end-of-days scenarios and the stories from which they came. In the days to come they would be high on Jesus and doing the opposite of rioting. They soon chose to take the point and quickly started with organization for housing of anyone homeless they can find in sight of their communities.

At the Kremlin all listeners to the speech delivered hugs and kisses to the persons standing beside them and in front and in back of them, and dancing began and lasted all night. President Yuri Voinovich continued to stare at the television, taken aback by the message. He was mustering his emotional response to this historic moment. He could hear the crowd in Red Square, and realized that he and all citizens of the republic would be joining Jesus in the new unified goal. In a moment of wisdom, he realized that ending all suffering should have been his nation’s goal all along. "Why was it not our goal?"

In Beijing at Tieneman Square, the crowd made such a noise that shingles of ancient buildings vibrated and loosened and fell off rooftops.  Hats were thrown and tears of relief were expressed by anyone who had wished for world peace but saw it as only a dream. By evening an incredibly long parade of tens of thousands of bicycles of waving happy riders organized without thought, took over the main streets and was unstoppable. Businesses shut down and everyone greeted the bicyclists throwing rice, and banging on pots, and slapping hands with the riders.

In Mumbai at Cooperage Stadium, the early morning audience made an applause that was deafening as the 60,000 people inside, and the tens of thousands listening outside, expelled strong emotion from the stadium. The feeling became contagious and could be felt all over one of the largest cities in the world. It was magic in the air, it was a feeling of joy and elation that might be measured with emotion detecting electrical equipment.

In Kabul at the Serena Hotel, two hundred people crammed into the lobby, hundreds packed the area of the pool, and televisions were brought outside all over the city for whole families and passersby to be able to hear and see the speech. Rifle fire and black powder smoke filled the air above Kabul. Islamic police and American G.I.s had taken to the streets to celebrate together this new man, with new powers to do with what he wants, who wants to end all suffering and include them.

In Tibet at the Potala Palace, more than seven hundred Buddhist monks had gathered in the White Palace Square to hear the radio broadcast from China. When Jesus said thank you for your time and the translation ended, the monks rose to tears and hugs and jumping and throwing flower petals above each other. It was a Buddhist monks’ dream, a man with god-like powers who proposes to the world an end to all suffering, the very goal they have devoted their lives to. It was the Buddhist's mission all along for more than five thousand years. It was the arrival of hope. It was not real to many of the monks. Until moments ago it was only an ideal to wish for, forever until death. It was the moment of change that no monk would have guessed would ever happen in their lifetimes.

In Lompoc, California, United States, in the state's largest men's prison, non-violent drug offenders comprised 67% of the population out of over five thousand men. Tomorrow they would be let go as timely as possible. For those prisoners their hearts had plummeted into their stomachs and it took several minutes laying on their bed, looking up at their fully explored bumpy ceilings to realize it had happened, that freedom was almost here and they won't have to study that ceiling another day. Some cried with their heads buried in their pillows for an hour or more, some had heart attacks and some died from them. The population exploded and the feeling of joy and relief was so hard, so thick, it created an instant riot. It was relief measured by the amount of toilet paper thrown from cells like confetti, pillow covers waving wildly from between the bars, and creating a tremendous noise hollering calls of "FREEDOM BABY FREEDOM,"  and "HALLELUJAH," and clanking cups against bars. It was so loud it could only compare to teenage girls screaming during a boy band concert. Wardens around the world stood at their televisions not knowing whether to be angry that they have to let most of the drug involved prisoners go, or to be joyous for the world that someone was going to ensure us change, justice, fairness, and perhaps peace. 

In the Oval Office President Barack Obama held a hand to cover his mouth so his Chief-of-Staff and The First Lady would not see that he was about to break down crying. He walked over to The First Lady and took hold of her shoulders, and while tearing up he looked into her eyes very seriously, he gave her a gentle shake, and for moments he did not know what to say. First lady Michelle Obama had felt it just like him. Their teary eyes appeared together simultaneous to the second as they had peered into each other. There was no need for her to say a word. But then the president had the words.

“Why did I want to kill this guy yesterday? I just didn’t get it baby. I was spiteful, vengeful, insecure and angry at him for sending my desk chair to the ceiling with me in it. He was threatening my grasp of power! But now this is bigger than me, bigger than any goal ever in the United States. This is even more important than the very preservation of this country! This is an historic day to never be forgotten. This is it. Shit! Shit! Holy shit! Ask him for another meeting. I want a calm sit down with Jesus. No tricks tell him. And get some really good weed. And make sure it's mellow stuff, this guy smoked for thirty five years for God's sake, and I smoke about every other day, and we don't want the first . . . oop." The president cut his sentence short and looked over at the first lady who was standing arms folded, her head hung somewhat but smiling at him, still tearing and waiting for the President to finish spilling. "Go down to my playroom and get that four foot glass bong of mine, the one with the flowers, it's the cleanest.” The President requested of his Chief of Staff, Juan Esposito, with urgency.

“After all . . . . "  he broke off, looking into the now tearful eyes of The First Lady, “this is about the world, the whole world, honey. Jesus is being the Liberal I used to be. He’s a soldier for social justice like you and I used to be before this job started wearing me down with all the bullshit. He’s bringing compassion back, honey. He’s going to bring liberalism back into popularity as Washington had wanted. I’ve got a mind to give him an official title with an official duty, like Facilitator of the End of All Suffering! No that's stupid. F.E.A.S. Hmm, that sucks. How about . . oh he'll come up with something! And lets get law enforcement off his ass tonight! Get him and Mary a twenty-four hour motorcade with police escort, just like we all get. Oh but they might not even need that. The president looked at Juan Esposito, and pointed determinately at him to emphasize he wanted quick action. But the Chief of Staff was frowning, he was afraid.

Stunned, several feet in front of the President's desk, forty five year old Chief of Staff Juan Espisto stood frozen in anger and amazement of the moment. Abruptly he added "What? You've got to be kidding Mr. President?"

"Juan what the fuck?" Said the President, not yet having heard emotional opposition from Juan.

"He's going to get people killed! He wants us all for one for God's sake, all for fucking one! He's letting out all the drug addicts for God's sake! There's going to be mayhem Mr. President. What if child rapers or rappers get out with them? How's he gonna stop our enemies from attacking us? He's a whack job who's already been institutionalized three times! He . . "

"Juan easy, I know all this, I know. I know."

"No. You're going to go in for this shit Mr. President. Aren't you? You are thinking of giving up!" Juan Esposito stepped up briskly to within a few feet of the President.

"I didn't say or think anything like that. Just hold . . " The president said sternly while pointing his finger in Juan Esposito's direction. Juan then interrupted again.

"Our men will be sitting ducks on the evacuations, fucking surrenders! He's going to blow our tanks off the interstates Mr. President! With his hands in the air like Be fucking Witched or something."

"Just step back and take a breath Juan." The president said in a low tone.

"Juan let me sit you down over here with me." The First Lady offered the Chief of Staff the couch.

"It's not surrender if all the nations are doing it Juan. If it goes." Said the now irritated President Obama.

"Oh if it goes all right! If it goes? It'll go with this nut-case having a temper tantrum at the world's expense! The Joint Chiefs are going to shit. No. They're shitting now Mr. President!"

Then a fast knock on the east office door and a muffled shout. "Mr. President, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and he says it's urgent!" Dorothy Conway, the President's other right hand.

"There they are! Could have held my breath!" Sarcastically said Juan Esposito.

"There's still time Mr. Esposito go ahead." The President quipped at the Chief of Staff.

"Make them wait. Make them all wait a few minutes Dorothy, kay?"

"Yes Mr. President." From the other side of the door.

"What about the aliens for God's sake, the aliens? It has to be aliens, it's decided right? Aliens?"

"Yes we'll go with aliens Juan. Best course of investigation for now. Deep breaths dude!" The President cooly replied to Juan Esposito, looking down at him on a couch with the First Lady.

"What about all the Christians, he'll start a holy war for God's sake!" Juan pleaded.

"What, in addition to the one Bush started? Or in addition to the one being fought in the streets right now between the fundamentalists and the whatevers! Fuck Juan the holy rollers are going to do whatever foolish thing they will anyway. Jesus is a walking target and spells the end of the world for most  of those nuts. We're fucked either way, there's no changing them. We'll just have to keep them harmless as much as possible." The President said as if disgusted.

Then it occurred to the President "damm! He didn't mention that he's bi-polar. It could be only a matter of minutes before they all find out! What the hell is he going to do then? The public will be scared of him all over again. Get me literature on bi-polar disorder and an expert psychiatrist to accompany it, pronto. Oh! And go tell the speech writers what I need, I want to inform the world he has the disease, and stress the importance of knowing that he controls it with medication. And we have to convince them that he has the capacity to reason and to lead."

"Why? You shouldn't even be concerned with these things Mr. President, it gives him credence for God's sake!" Juan blurted out and shook his head in disbelief.

Barack and Michelle Obama embraced as they had not since their honeymoon. They were relieved that their life-long struggle might one day be over. It may be the end of liberal guilt for never having given enough to end suffering for a society that needs them. The guilt is so entwined in their lives and so much a part of the background of their thinking on every single day, that in realizing the mind was feeling relief of this guilt was almost a shock to the emotional centers of every liberal's mind. Thanks to Jesus this guilt may very well be alleviated for good. Liberals will release a load of burden from their backs and take to the front of every activity on Earth that moves us all toward an end to all suffering. As they had always wanted. The president fell backwards into the couch breathing a deep sigh of relief. He tilted his head back to rest it on the back of the couch, and he starred at the ceiling.

"Huge. This is huge. And I'm the president during this thing. We need to help him. I want the United States to be on the forefront of this whole thing. He belongs to us. He'll know more about fixing us then other nations. He'll need help from our foreign policy experts. Make someone available to him! Aha! We'll fix it so the world will see him working out of the United Nations and not in cooperation with this office. But he'll be here often, often enough to keep tabs on him."  The president put his legs up onto the coffee table and he crossed his feet and again breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Jesus and Mary stayed in the Nathan Hale School House for a day without being seen by anyone, not even leaving for food. They expressed affection from morning to midnight, they made love and they nestled afterward and they were loving toward each other for the first time in the four days since meeting at the Casino. For Jesus this was everything he had really wanted, a beautiful woman he could fall in love with. It was after this day of solitary that Jesus later told me was "it" when his body and his mind began to feel love for Mary Magellan, and that if he even thought about it, he " . . could feel the ache of the mere prospect of being away from her." Being in love was everything to Jesus since having fallen in love for the first time in his life with his therapist, Karen. He had been telling everyone that "love is everything, it is the most important thing in life!" He once grabbed young disciple Kyle by the shoulders, shook him, and almost yelled this into his face, "don't wait until you're fifty like me to discover this! It's more important than careers, jobs, policies of workplaces, professional standards, it beats them all. Don't forsake love for those things. I mean it Kyle!"

In high orbit, despite the bad feelings around the ship-wide Deshan soup wars of 2016, belly patting was all around the ship. Even Captain Wanter joined in on the applause patting his belly, so as to be seen as supportive of the mission. Bin contacted Delex directly to find out how much of the speech was him and not Jesus. Delex's voice on the interface was his for the last twenty years, the voice of Ricardo Montalban from an Earth movie. Delex surprised everyone on the ship when he answered.

“The website reminder had to be remembered for him. And that trick with the President of Chile, that was his idea on the spot, I just gave him the President as the perfect example and the president's location. That was good huh? That was it, he ran with it all the way! You chose well Bin. He's right on target with what he wants, he's zeroed in on our goal. He's going to be fun this one. This planet might be alright after all. I've got him almost focused perfectly, much better than his meds. But this vengeful streak combined with the anger and violence, I'm not so sure about it. He's likely to do something that is just too much for the people. Something they won't be able to stomach.”

This was a good report from Delex, despite his concerns about the violence. Delex had seen this before in another being nine missions past. Bin and Bor and the rest of the science team were proud fathers of their creation. The mission was proceeding well and the team was feeling confident that their selection of the human named Jesus, was the right decision.

An hour after the speech Bin and Bor called a whole ship's crew meeting in the mess hall, about forty uniformed Deshans stood and lingered around tables waiting for what ever they were called in there for. Many were pacing and holding a hand against their faces supported by the other arm holding up the elbow, like Jack Benny in the old shows. They looked like nervous impatient mothers and dweebs from an IT department.  Bin walked in the room and everyone gave him the customary from the neck chop outward with a flat hand signal.  And most of them sat down.  

"Attention everyone! The soup debates need to come to a boisheid end before this crew is so raptukin divided and carrying disdain for each other so much we can't function! If I get one more report of arguing loud and aggressively there will be no soup for anyone! No Visha soup, no Starry soup, not even the all popular Mogul soup! And no begging me or Bin for soup, not one begg! Got that?"  

A choir like "ahhhh," and some "raptuks" here and there, then murmurs of "no Mogul?" were let out in the mess hall, and then slowly the unified in threat of punishment crowd all turned to each other and patted their heads aggressively as if to kill fleas for several seconds. When the patting was done and scalps had become sore, the disappointment expressed was agreed to have been mutual and satisfactorily communicated and well shared on a personal level. The crew came together in intimate hugging and apologizing profusely as if they were all lovers making up, and we later learned that some of them were indeed "maters," as the Deshans prefer.

Bin and Bor left the mess hall together and in the hallway Bin nervously and hesitantly reached for Bor's hand and held it while he shook with anticipation, and Bor quickly looked at him surprised but not really feeling surprised, and then Bor smiled and his eye on Bin squinted a bit and Bin became overwhelmed with joy and began to cry and he whacked his right ear with his free hand six times, then once more incase the signal changed that day. Bor turned Bin toward him and began to calm him down, holding him by the shoulders.

"Its reasonable Bin, to cry right now, it's okay."

 Crying is an expression for some Deshans but not for most. Bin had picked it up from a favorite Earth movie.

"Other people just cry at any thing that has the slightest emotional draw. I'm glad you're not like that." Bor said looking a little uncertain about Bin's stability.

"Thank you Bor but I know what crying is." Bin sniffled as he sucked up his arm hairs with his right ear, twice quickly.   
Still held by the shoulders Bin chose the moment to break the ice again.

"Bor can we be partners now? We would be great together. Very productive and it would be better to serve Desha as a couple! Two bulbous neural containers are better than one, right? That's what they say, right? The Earth expression?"

Feeling uncomfortable Bor removed his hands from Bin's shoulders and looked at the floor and put his left finger in his ear as is customary to express "maybe," but still have fear of commitment.

Bin stopped for a moment and was puzzled and pressed his longest finger on his forehead and poked himself three times, then twice more softer.

"Xupadit! Was it left ear means maybe but I'll think about it? Raptukii!"

He Arrives

James Craft family-of-elephants.jpg
He arrives for the animals.

James Craft Rome.jpg
He arrives for the faiths.

James Craft comes to Washington DC 8x6 200px 4 26 2016 (1).jpg
He arrives for justice and equality.

James Craft Earth in space x 1400.jpg
He arrives for the protection of our system and our planet.

James Craft Red Square Moscow - Copy.jpg
He arrives to bring us together.


I guess I should post this here because it may be determined later, that these stories within the yet completed science fiction story: Destiny the Story of the End of All Suffering, were strongly paradox related to the experiment I began on 11/25/2014, the following year. Below is the comedic and fantastical science fiction Jesus Watch News Ticker. A world wide online instant news ticker that tracks the by the minute exploits of the new super hero for Earth, an emissary to the visitors whose purpose is to get us ready. I had hoped the story would become an ongoing series for all media. James out!


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August 6, 2012

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. . . . . . . JUST IN . . . Jesus Watch exclusive! . . . . Is Mary Magellan leaking Jesus' private life? . . Latest: Jesus woke up the other morning, said to Mary "The woman I have fallen in love with is my genetically enhanced prize winning white orchid in a sea of black lilies." . . . Mary: " . . it was nice, and it would have been wonderful except Jesus Christ his breath was awful!" .  . . . . . Jesus posts: "Price of beef today "suggested" $169.99 per pound. It's now a luxury food like it should be! Time to reclaim millions and millions of acres all over the world, for growing food for people instead of continuing to feed millions of tons of food and water into the body of one of the most inefficiently harvested animals on the planet. An animal that makes allot of people unhealthy! So today we begin to feed the whole world, and we begin the end of hunger!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus Watch: Inside sources: second fight in three months as a couple? Jesus claims he was misunderstood in conversation with Mary Magellan last night: swears to Mary "I meant I'm glad you're here because of WHO YOU ARE, not as ANY piece of ass!" Household staff member says Mary is " . . not buying his bullshit this time!" Stay posted to this news ticker Jesus Watch! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Source: Jesus has begun to use disposable urinary catheters while writing, says " . . writing uninterrupted by body more important than pissing in toilet on the other side of the room a dozen times a day." . . . . Catheter kits selling out in all cities, some remain at: STOPTHATDARNPISSINGPROBLEM.Com (domain name was available) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus' Mother, Gray now at JESUSMOM.Com . . writes poem about him on web site: My Beautiful Son. . . Jesus highly embarrassed wants it taken down. Mother says "no way it's my art! . . . Jesus responds: I took an artful crap this morning, that doesn't mean I just display it for the world, Jesus F*ck#ng Christ mom!!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FLASH. . . .Loyalist and Disciple candidate, Jesus Carlson biographer, former cub reporter, James G. Mason says "Over 2 billion e-copies of my first published book The Jesus' Journals Vol. I . . . have been destroyed by American New Militia "super-virus." . . . adds " . . . f-ing tragedy . . but you-bet-your-ass Jesus is on it like an auto-lock condom on prom night, and they will not do this again!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fox News idiot Bill O'Smiley missing, few join in search. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus "suggests" millions of acres of U.S. Federal Bureau of Land Management land previously grazed by private cattle at bargain rates, turned over to the new EAS United Nations Grow Force. . . . . . . Utah ranchers organize: Spokesperson farmer Joan R. Jones of Meatneck, Utah "Jesus is pushing thousands of ranchers into economic oblivion. He doesn't understand, he's going to feed the world and starve American small ranches! It's a God-dammed liberal one world government land grab!" . . . . . Jesus responds to Jones: "Big change isn't easy, it sometimes requires sacrifice, often more than other peoples sacrifices . . . . time to grow something we all can eat Ms. Jones." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus meets with German chancellor Merkin, secures protection commitment for New Sahara project, Eastern North Africa and Somalia. Asks chancellor "so how did you get named after a pubic hair wig?" . . . . . Chancellor not amused, says "Why am I ever surprised by the mouth on a bloody American? I didn't mean that. I like the U.S. really, really I do!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Des Moines, Iowa, United States: Jumpers, Cat rescued from tree last month by Jesus has been in and out of cat psychiatrists offices, now terrified of flying smirking red haired men, has "significant sleeping problems, kicks his little legs all night long." . . . . . Delores R. Furry of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: "Jesus was a member at thirteen years old, he should know better. I'm sure he'll see to it that this feline victim of extraordinary circumstance gets the best mental health care possible in the world. And if by chance Jesus has any guilt about this incident he can come over to my place for a good spanking, which he would then have deserved. Right Jesus? Otherwise, praise Jesus for all his furry friends! I LOVE YOU JESUS!!". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus Watch! Postulates . . . Are world leaders mouthing-off more frequently in public because of Jesus Carlsons' brash behavior internationally? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus opens newest soup kitchen in East St. Louis, USA with $2 million start. Uses fingerprints for patrons, "hooks-em-up with local health care." . . . Stays for 2.7 hours, talks with several workers and homeless. Has extensive quiet conversation with homeless and unemployed sociologist Dr. Robert Culture, formerly of UCLA. Transports away with Dr. Culture. . . . . . Jesus Watch! . . will Dr. Culture be Disciple number 4? Vote online NOW at EndAllSuffering.Org! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Source: Jesus' Catholic Nun sexual harassment accuser, Sister Thelma Dyke PhD., discovered to have secret sex life with latex Crucifixes. Source: "Jesus was nothing!" More to come on this story. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus Loyalist U.S. Navy Ensign Rupert Sidewick, 26 of Boseman, Montanna, blows-the-whistle on Navy Admiral Wadsworth H. Thorndick! Prevents mass mutiny of Pacific Fleet. Most crew of aircraft carrier Big Johnson involved. Jesus punishment: "For this treasonous act all sailors involved are "suggested" to be suspended from Google ANYTHING for one month!" . . . . Sailors cry cruel and unusual punishment, claim Geneva Convention violation. . . . . . . Jesus responds "I told you my punishments would be unreasonable!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus finishes Connecticut Community College course on-line. Gets an A in class and announces the Jesus Community College 100% Scholarship, qualification: contribute to the End of All Suffering in your community. States, "Community colleges are our second rung on the ladder of opportunity, after a high school diploma and before a four year college, I suggest the States immediately begin subsidizing all of these schools at above 90%. No mother on food stamps with kids can get her ass out of misery at these current class costs. $700 for one Community College class is ridiculous, and is unethical of society and governments. . . . . . . . . Jesus' class project final: unveils his first app for smart phones Red Zone, shows where and when women's menses occur. Believed to work by detecting irritability and desire to kill the nearest person in women when in groups of three. Jesus' new app flying off web sites. . . . . . . . Jesus Watch: What Red Zone will have to do with Ending All Suffering - unknown. Perhaps it is for men like Jesus to avoid insufferable attitudes and mood swings for three days a month?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Black Calla lilies "Kind of dark purple." Says #FTD " . . and they are sold out." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Redwood City, California - Cannabis Farmer, 39 yr. Festus Earwing frantically updates FaceBook page, is rescued by Jesus from under his 1 ton tractor. Earwing transported to the " . . the hospital from the beginning of General Hospital." Says Jesus. . . . . . . Los Angeles - City paramedics picked up Fester Eearwing "off the middle of the street in the middle of rush hour traffic." Transported Earwing to a "real hospital." Said paramedic Bobby Langsworth, 26. After rescue Jesus was photographed urinating on nearby ancient Redwood tree. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . San Francisco, California, United States - Terrance B. Barkfuhker, President of Sierra Club makes statement about Jesus urination on tree "He could have zapped himself to any nice bathroom on the planet but the lazy demigod chose to desecrate one our national treasures, Jesus go pee in your own backyard! We at Sierra Club are not afraid of him! You hear me Jesus!". . . . Jesus responds to tree-huggers: "Shut up asshole, thanks to me stopping the cattle madness literally billions of trees will not be cut down, jerk! I think I earned the privilege of peeing on one of their kin. Idiot. Besides it's so natural, bonds me with nature, you know?" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus in driveway this morning jokes with reporters: Mary Magellan's monthly "uncle from out of town due in today if you know what I mean hee he he." . . . . . . Mary Magellan responds: "Jesus is a sick puppy! What has he been doing, counting my blood-free days?" . . . . . . . . . . Jesus Watch: Stories about women's periods not uncommon with Jesus Watch. . . . John, Disciple and friend of Jesus says "Strange menses fascination and humor will pass. It's a joke phase, he gets them like this. Next week it might be fat butts." . . . . . . . . .Jesus "suggests" dog breeders have one month to cease operations until levels of shelter dogs down to just 5% of current levels. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Another Jesus mishap as he suddenly appears at top of Mt. Everest floating in mid-air, yells to climbers through storm winds "Hi there I just wanted to come here one day!" While Jesus was enjoying the panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range frightened climber Ernest Dubois , 46, Weirdfood, England, falls . . dies on impact . . . . Jesus asks remaining climber to take a picture of him with his cell phone, Jesus transported remaining climber to "hospital where House works in that television show.". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rassmussen/CNN Poll: Worried about Jesus' mental health diagnoses 73%, up from 68% in January. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . NASA reports: Swift-Tuttle Comet is the perfect icy comet for Jesus to retrieve for the New Sahara project. But warns of drastic weather changes in entire hemisphere. Including orbital plane and axis disruption due to massive size and gravity of the comet, in addition to likely dangerous ammonia and methane levels. . . . . . . Jesus: "We don't have to bring the comet out of orbit to separate hydrogen from other gases and then tap the water for Africa! Scientists if you are hitting impossibilities in your research, you may be holding onto beliefs about your work. Give up those beliefs and start progressing! To challenge you all, I want to hear methods of stopping all hurricanes and tornados by next month! And Goddammit I want an answer of how to get more than one hundred and forty characters out of Twitter!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dr. Rice A. Roni of San Francisco: "Jesus is like a slave driver of the imaginable! My team is already fielding some very interesting ideas to actually stop tornados! Unbelievable - literally! His complete absence of belief negates the negative, opens the imagination, and is inspiring for all of us scientists. He's actually a breath of fresh air for me. I can accurately speak for the great majority of scientists: having a god is a poor excuse for our ignorance of nature and so of science. Having belief too easily allows us to excuse answers still in the dark as something impossible or that we aren't supposed to know. He's right, belief has to go, it's been slowing us down and preventing ending all suffering." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mayor Joy Finklestien of City of Detroit USA reports "The city has been completely disarmed this morning, praise him." Other cities reporting absence of firearms as of today: city of Kabul, Rio De Janeiro, Los Angeles. Yet confirmed disarmed: Salinas and Fresno and San Diego California, New Orleans and Atlanta, Cartagena and Medellín. NASA: black shiny ball of firearms in space now a massive 1200 meters in diameter, can be seen from ground with binoculars. . . . . . . . Jesus repeats "suggestion": "All metal having come near gun powder is subject to disappearance. All steel forged for gun barrels is subject to disappearance." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Killeen, Texas, USA - Jacob Bonnie, 46 found in middle of huge corn field hanging upside-down naked in mid air by big toes, apparently covered in honey, with insects all over him, near death, had been there for days, gains consciousness claims Jesus Carlson did it! Sheriffs' office spokesperson Wanda Doit "We had to call Mary twice to get the guy released from Jesus' control and down to the ground. There was no urgency on the part of the Jesus compound in Connecticut to help save this mans' life.". . . Jesus Watch has discovered Bonnie had posted statement about Mary Magellan on Google Universe network "God is not going to forgive that uneducated liberal prostitute gold-digging bitch Mary Magellan! Harlot devil woman! The lord beseech thee!" . . . . . Mary responds briefly "I never knew about this guy in Texas. But I think this episode was more about my honor, for Jesus, than retribution and anger. I feel okay about this one. Go away now." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus' Mother Mary Ellen, English literature PhD, award winning poet and painter, offers new word" . . and a sound for the world in all languages . . " Eas: verb, Actions and behaviors creating consequences, and ramifications which move, facing what is largely agreed to be toward, in a focused manner, in a linear sequence of time, that which ensures the concept of the End of All Suffering. . . e.g. " . . it's not about you jerk, it's about eas!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nuevo Laredo, Mexico: Los Zetas drug cartel overnight shake-up by Jesus! All members disarmed, many missing, leader without head, residents dance in streets all over Mexico.. . . . . . . Mexico City Mexico: Los Zetas' head's head found on Mexican president Moldera's desk. Implied shared responsibility for Los Zetas' violence.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus calls Mercedes dealership about his new car, wants toilets in the seats, says "I want to urinate going 197 miles per hour. Hey why not?" Young third Disciple and car mechanic Kyle says "I can do that! No problem!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . National Rifle Association now joined with the New American Militia Freedom Fighters for Constitutional Preservation for Real Americans NRANAMFFCPRA (domain name was available): "We are prepared to stop Jesus and his world government Liberal agenda, for God and freedom at the cost of all of our lives if needed!" . . . . Jesus makes angry response "Don't you dare leave your children fatherless you morons! Idiots! A tiny insignificant difference that you could possibly make at the cost of the damage to your family, is not more important than their well being is. If someone has to be stupid then let the Freedom Fighters without children come after me. Idiots!". . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus Carlson @EndAllSuffering Twitt from 7:03 am: #Consumers please take 5 min and choose the neediest salesperson on the floor. It is YOUR CHOICE. Help correct the #economy #EndAllSuffering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus gets high with San Francisco Chronicle reporter Francine Puffington, accidentally says "Wish my dick was bigger than six point three five inches!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mary Magellan announces creation of new Jesus political project, $10 million office for staff of USA for Public Campaign Financing. Mary: "Jesus wants as pure a democracy as we can get, and he's sure this is the best way to get to it. And tell that hyperactive horny bastard I want a sit-down dinner tonight like everybody else in the f-ing world! On the ground!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Missing for 1 month former House Speaker Newt Gingrich found this afternoon unconscious on dirty mattress in low income housing "crack" apartment. Wakes up black skinned with nappy hair in corn rows, a large tattoo across his chest that reads Fuck the Poor with a big dagger with elephant on it stabbing into map of United States. . Dr. Alfred R. Murrow of Bellevue Hospital: "He has suffered broken bones and hypothermia and malnourishment. But he's going to be fine." Gingrich is reported to be addicted to crack cocaine. Very confused, yells at police "I'll do anything for one fix, you idiots do you know who I am?" The speaker remains a guest of Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Raven Arms Manufacturing, makers of street popular small $50 .25 semi auto handguns destroyed, leveled to dust and rocks 1 hour ago by Jesus. Janitor hospitalized critical, presidents' hand found, presidents' body missing. Hand gun sales skyrocket worldwide in anticipation of other gun makers yet to be destroyed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus' new Russian Attack Submarine renamed End All Suffering, arrived in Groton, Connecticut met by excited throngs of hundreds of female naval officers and Jesus with disciples John, Luke, and Heather. After spending an hour on-board Jesus announced interview dates for "Hot looking American Navy babes," for the entire crew. Los Angeles - feminist lawyer Gloria Allred responds angrily to Jesus submarine crew plans: "Jesus Carlson is turning out to be a male chauvinist pig! He's a feminists nightmare. First this disgusting smart phone app to sniff-out and then sexually discriminate against menstruating women, and now this treatment of accomplished naval officers as sex objects! He is revolting! What the hell is he going to do with that thing anyway? It looks like a big penis with a bump on it for the men to sit in!" . . . . . . . . . Jesus responds: "Gloria Allred is alright. She has helped women immensely. Hell, I'd do-her for her mind . . . for $500! He he he. Tell the old battle-axe we're going to go looking for big underwater caves to insert ourselves in and out of many times!! Its going to get the whole crew hot as hell! I might have to bring some loyalist men on-board just to cool things off! He he he he he." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Flat City, Iowa, USA - Firefighter and single father Pat Sayjack, 32, faces Loyalist demerit by new Jesus Court in town: posted FaceBook comment this morning titled No One Needs Jesus Anymore! . . . . Jesus Court Prosecutor Richard Gotcha "You have to go to Jesus court if you are a Loyalist and you piss off Jesus. Becuase if Jesus is pissed and not doing his job, we all regress from the End of All Suffering. Period!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Butanna, Kenya - Amazing Jesus related event! Two days after the bodies of eight known poachers of elephant ivory were brought by park patrol rangers to this village on the coast, with their skulls all having been mysteriously exploded (likely Jesus' work), a tremendous herd of elephants, possibly 1500, have appeared on the outside of this village, with many dust trails visible from satellite converging on the location. Dr. Motombo Siel MD: "It is kind of creepy. The elephants are mulling around and being very quiet for elephants. It's as if they don't know how to respond, but they want to. It is clear to us that they know that these apparent assassinations were done for them. I have never seen anything like this. It is causing the entire village to feel very emotional. Most of our women are too overwhelmed to leave their homes. Tonight a drumming celebration is planned to last perhaps days. The whole village will be in attendance. It's what we can do to share in their joy and let them know that we know. Praise Jesus Carlson. He's caring for all of Gods' creatures. The reign of these magnificent animals will continue. Bless him." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rocky Mountain High, Colorado, USA - Dr. Ray-Ray Johnson of Colorado Institute of Sim City Analogy, offers Jesus Carlson hypothesis: "With his Disciples and Loyalists labels he has created an environment of increasing submissive and dominant relationships with the pubic. This will lead to envy, non loyalist discrimination and bias, passive aggressive hostility between followers, and later violence. Where those of us playing the new Sim City End All Suffering v. 1.3 will have to add more of the new nonprofit organization zones in inner city areas, costing more, making demand for new police stations, fire houses and ect. . . Then comes the left-wing population increases wanting Organic restaurants and Breast Feeding Stations, oh Jesus Christ what a mess!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus Watch! . . Jesus clothes today: his gray t-shirt with the large red inverted crucifix on it and the usual black leather pants, black leather (Buffalo hide) gun-vest, and for the 22nd day in a row his rattlesnake cowboy boots with chrome spurs in the up position. Las Vegas: odds-makers give 1/3 odds he'll wear the gray t-shirt again tomorrow. . . . Bathing frequency watch: 60.2 hours since last shower, Pool Chart average bet on 65.5 hours till he cleans-up all over. Seen using alcohol wipes down there yesterday. Household staff & laundry issue: still spraying himself with Febreeze before disappearing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rev. Fred Phelps, of Westboro Baptist Church, religious nut-case and militant anti-gay activist, found wandering nude and delirious on beach near famous local San Francisco gay bath-house. . . . SF Police spokesperson: "Reverend Phelps did not know where he was when we found him. He has asked for his mother, but we found out she is dead. He is refusing to sit-down for some reason and he's talking about Jesus allot, we're not sure which Jesus however." . . . Jesus Watch asked Jesus via Tweet about Phelps: "Yah I heard he got f-ed, kind of like kismet, or karhma! I'm not saying I had anything to do with it, but keep in mind, those are not rapists hanging out at that bath house, he had to have asked for it! Hah ha he he he." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gladvia, North Brushka - More than 1 dozen Russian Tanks believed to be carrying soldiers wishing to instigate war with neighboring Excusestan, parked at border and fired many rounds on village of Brushki, no one hurt. Responding to Marys' Twitt, Jesus appears, tanks evacuated, all tanks thrown into Sun. 1 casualty reported, 2 wounded. . . . . Jesus abducts Brushkan President Igor Ivannabitch using his "big huge Davy Crocket knife," brings him to top of iceberg in Artic Circle, slides him off into water, returns him to Brushka extremely cold, bleeding from neck, praising Jesus Carlson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus "suggests" tinfoil on roofs and ceilings of all mental institutions, says "have some respect and do what you can to stop the perceived CIA's mind rays from reaching the already troubled brains of our nation's paranoid schizophrenics! Many are sure there are mind rays, so for god's sake respect them! What the hell is it going to cost? A trip to the grocery store for Reynolds Wrap and a box of thumb tacks?" Dr. Ronald Dogoodie of New York University Hospital: "Jesus is right. I don't know why we aren't doing it for them, they are never going to disbelieve the mind-ray hypotheses no matter what we do, so reducing this part of the suffering in their lives won't be a problem." Praise Jesus because almost everything he does it seems is going toward the Goal." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Haddam, Connnecticut, United States, Jesus compound: Jesus wants to blow holes in the Moon for New Saharan soil layer! Visualizes two craters, shallow but big. Moon dust directed through space directly at North Africa. Geologic Terraforming team leader Dr. Roberto Quaker: "Brilliant! It really is Earth material! It can sustain bacterial growth, it will serve to trap moisture, and with this underneath Earthen top soil, it means far less fertile soil will be needed from other countries." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jesus Wacth! We're not always perfect! . . . . . . . . . . Jesus thinks a joke with new translator, Jesus Watch special operatives intercept: "Handyman says to his helper "Just hang it so the damaged end is pointing towards the floor. That way no one will see it . . . unless there is a guy in this room locked-up in solitary confinement for ten years, then it would be big deal when he realizes the BIG MISTAKE!" . . Funny? Sick funny? You DECIDE and Vote at EndAllSuffering.Org . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . New Dehli, India - President Mahatma Gahndi VI "India has enrolled over 500,000 workers anxious to make the New Sahara Project a reality, we will be first to say "We have all eaten tonight!"" . . . . . Jesus responds via his new alien thought to text translater "No one nation is going to decalre the end of hunger for themselves. No one child will eat first from the efforts of EAS, and hopefully no one child will ever eat last!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Forksaken, Utah, USA: Pair of Jesus' sunglasses on Ebay.Com was fraud, had not belonged to Jesus. Bob Frickken, 25 now local celebrity, admitted crime after quick visit by Jesus last night. Jesus chastises Frickken, trades fraud pair for his own. Frickken: "This shit from Jesus is a plastic piece of crap from some online store a year ago, they're loose for Christs' sake! . . Dude mine were all nice and glass from the nineteen-seventies and I took em from my uncles' house. I didn't mean to piss Jesus off! Jesus dude I was broke man!" (crying).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Las Vegas: Report yet confirmed - Jesus appeared for 3 minutes standing against a wall toward rear of nude strip club. . . "Bob Fossil friend of Bill Ws', local patron "We all agreed it sure looked like him! He took a couple of pictures with his cell phone. And he gave a hundred dollars to Old Betty! No one is sitting over there now . . . weird huh?" . . . Jesus responds: "Absolutely not, that was not me, absolutely not, no way. Mary I said no-way, okay?" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cooncaught, Missouri, USA: Margaret Jesus-Mary president of the Jesus Carlson fan club Missouri, issues urgent press release, denies "Reports of Jesus penis length are true." Requests all chapters worldwide "remain calm until the truth can be discovered and this horrible rumor by this evil bitch Californication reporter can be disproved!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Jesus end of day "suggestion". . . . . "All feminist lawyers should shut the f*ck-up! And we should all think about poor Jumpers, unable to sleep!"</marquee></div>

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