Jesus Carlson the All Powerful: Destiny chapter 2

the author: having fun while exposure of the discovery continues. On 4/28/2016 I validated the ability of Team 2 (from the other side) to communicate using Gravity Well Technology to manipulate moisture from a huge distance of nearly 100 million miles away, in close proximity to our star. It was the first documented contact with an alien civilization on Earth and can be valiated by anyone viewing 2 social network accounts belonging to myself as


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Chapter 2
Jesus Carlson the All Powerful

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Who was Jesus before the world knew him? At this time Jesus had provided himself a dynamic and changing life. But in his past his childhood diagnoses of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder set him on a rocky young life of an inability to function in school,  In his memory, perhaps the best example of this is that he had dropped out of high school after two weeks. He had a seemingly inherent proclivity toward boredom with any project or even a new toy. This quick to be bored, or satisfied with partial knowledge of a thing, lead him toward a life continually changing the many paths he had been on.  He began smoking marijuana and drinking steadily at age fifteen. He was an aspiring young photographer, who built his own darkrooms, shot the beauty around him growing up around Washington D.C., but he then gave that up as the need to get-high consumed most of his free time. At fourteen he got his first job as a grocery store bag-boy and the tips for carrying bags of groceries for customers provided him with all the weed and beer and gas money he needed to ruin his opportunities. One summer, inspired by his mother's new man who Jesus later would call his third father who had been a private pilot,  he decided he also wanted to be a pilot and took lessons every week, but soon found the expense less valuable than buying weed. Although drinking and drugging had it's own set of friends Jesus was a loner, comfortable without socialization. One summer he jumped out of planes for fun. He took-up wilderness backpacking at sixteen and on many weekends he would travel to the foothills of Virginia with his border-collie mutt Norman, to spend two or three nights backpacking and camping.  He worked as an offset printer at an envelope factory for two years. He followed his mother to Massachusetts at the age of twenty-one, where he began laboring on residential construction jobs. He was hired as an apprentice plumber and he excelled as a hydro mechanic and worked very hard. He returned to school to earn a high school equivalency diploma, then his Journeyman Plumber's license, then his Master Plumber's license. These were years Jesus calls "the period of normalcy. Where I seemed to be fine, like I was going to be fine. Like my future had promise." At twenty-two Jesus met a woman with a young daughter who had moved-in across the hall from him. She was his first real girlfriend and they moved to Louisiana together. Jesus expressing for the first time an undeniable need to pack-up move for a different environment, one of eighteen moves he made as an adult, left that southern environment to return to Massachusetts after being a licensed Journeyman plumber in New Orleans proved a miserable job. After a few years he married his first and only wife Denise. At the age of twenty-eight he got sober from alcohol and then went several years without any mind altering substances. He ran his own plumbing business in central Massachusetts for about two years and gave-up on a tough economy and moved to California with is wife, again for a different environment. In California Jesus worked as a plumber for less than one year and dropped-out of the workforce and entered college for premed and biology and Nursing.
While busy at school in his first semester he organized opposition to a traveling gun-show that was using the local civic center to sell and trade guns, mostly handguns. Jesus had been appalled at the over seventeen gun homicides of mostly teenagers that his community had experienced in just first seven months of that year. He perceived the gun show as complicit and the city government's willingness to enable the traveling salesmen of death as an unreasonable moral contradiction.
On a Christmas break Jesus and his wife Denise traveled to Ohio to meet for the first time his biological father who had abandoned him and his mother before he was six months old. The sight of a large extended family from Ohio opening Christmas gifts, surrounding his father, the father who should have been his father, was too much for his mind. He denied his feeling immediately, he returned to California and completed a semester of Nursing school while heavily depressed. Within a year left of Nursing school Jesus left, one reason being he had found a source for marijuana and had spend all summer prior to his final year, playing computer games and smoking pot, and this greatly influenced his decision to leave Nursing school. He divorced his wife, moved out on his own into a little apartment in Monterey, California. He became an escort. Accumulating a customer base of four women who he would juggle on a schedule. He began developing and expressing his politics regularly and he learned to eloquently make his point at this time. He volunteered in local democratic party functions and fundraising, and he shook hands with presidents and congressmen and even the chief of staff of the president's staff. He built and installed a pirate radio station in a rooming apartment in Monterey. He left his private escort business for one client, a client who he moved in with to a beautiful house in Monterey, where he built the radio station larger and acquired a "crew" of more then twenty great people.

For five nights beginning the on the night of day of the Cern collider destruction Jesus Carlson underwent the extensive transformation of his body by the Deshans. On the first night he was taken against his will. On the proceeding four nights he voluntarily went with his hosts for four more nights of  transformation, learning and training with new powers and strategizing with the Deshan scientists. His memory upon recounting to me this experience was not complete and was recalled in broken pieces of time during the encounter.

The Deshans
We had already discovered Desha and did not know it. The "super planet" as it was called is located 44 light years away. It was NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite that located Desha and announced the finding on November 12th of 2012. Their star was given the designation HD 40307, a single mini-dwarf red star, the planet as seen passing in front of their star was designated HD 40307-g, and it was speculated to have allot of water and be larger than Earth and was in the speculated "Goldilocks zone" at a distance from their star expected to be capable of having water and developing life. Those speculations were right. Deshans, like us evolved out of the oceans. Except on Desha some Deshans have stayed in their watery existences, living in the coves, working and thriving in underwater cities numbering in the thousands. They are called "co-vers" because they occupied the waters of the more than one billion ocean coves from the two great continents of Desha, and still today every one of those coves is occupied by families which both live under and above their coves in modern structures, and so also enjoy life, lifestyle and work for sustenance from under the green and blue and yellow waters below.  Now ninety percent of Deshans are land dwellers whose ancestors left their ocean dwellings eons in their past, and who only visit Desha's undersea civilizations as tourists. Almost twice as far from their star as we are from the sun, and with a slow forty-hour day and night cycle, Desha is a planet that is darker than Earth for longer periods and brighter than earth for the same periods, and so the Deshan has larger and darker eyes than us. Larger to take in all available light when in long nights, and dark enough to protect Deshans from extremely bright long days. and with a slowly revolving planet a Deshan requires only four hours of relaxation per cycle. Living in the shallows of the Deshan oceans where solar radiation is amplified they have evolved with gray pigmentation of their thick yet soft and elastic skin which blocks solar radiation almost completely. In the day the star of  Desha shines so brightly it caused the anatomy of the Deshan eye to evolve with very dark tinting on an outer eyelid and no tinting on an inner eyelid. The Deshan eye will switch lids automatically and lift their dark lid, exposing a cornea and pupil much like our own but without coloration  
The first time the Deshans came for Jesus he was wide-awake on his bed and watching television in his bedroom. It was about 9:00 p.m.. There were three of them and they had entered the bedroom so quietly that not even Jesus’ dogs had heard them. It was as if they had never touched the floor. Jesus looked to his right at the aliens and for a moment his mind had to decide if it were real or a real good prank. His legs shot out straight toward the end of the bed, and instantly blood rushed to his head and he became flush, and his heart skipped a beat before it started pounding so hard he could feel it in his arms.
They looked just like the gray aliens on the posters and in the movies, those depictions were accurate. UFOlogists on Earth have long suspected that the first image of a Deshan was recalled on sketches by a retired officer from an encounter at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio, in 1947. Deshans are humanoid, that is they have four limbs and a central abdomen which functions similar to our own, and a chest also containing a heart and lungs like us. Their heads are the first thing a fresh pair of eyes upon a Deshan notices. With a bulbous head, large black eyes and a head which is about a third of the size more than human heads and their skulls are higher and heavier in the rears of their heads. The average Deshan adult is four-foot and eight inches and, weighs about 105 pounds. Their flesh is uniformly pale gray with no birth marks or blemishes or changes in flesh tone in any variety among Deshans. The flesh is periodically damp or sometimes beading water, it is elastic and in some places on their bodies it can be stretched several inches. They are a very thin shape with the exception being their abdomens which compared to our own are actually quite smaller due to their small stature. Their arms seem unusually long as to our own and their hands small but with four fingers each and they are similar to the length and thickness of ball point pens.
In one of  my interviews Jesus recalled his impression during this first encounter: "It was so weird, not scary. Because they looked like the aliens everyone's been drawing for over fifty years. They were the Barney and Betty _______ aliens! It was like I was on the studio set of a science fiction television show. I mean, they were no more frightening to me than you would be frightened by twenty clowns piling out of a VW Bug in front of you, you would think it very interesting but not shocking at all."
Whether to run or fight were options he could not decide. He tried to ask them what they wanted but he could not make a sound. And so he sat there motionless, his head tilted towards the beings, his jaw hanging, his heart throbbing, and his mind trying to grasp the impossible thing that his eyes were showing him. The beings then held hands and one of them grabbed Jesus’ hand and held it so tightly it hurt. A warmth moved over his body starting at the hand being held by the being, and the warmth moved to his head and then down all over his body. Jesus was unable to avert his gaze and as he stared at them he saw them beginning to fade away, and he thought that this meant the experience was a dream and soon he was going to wake up. The beings became transparent and his eyes tilted downward toward his feet and legs, and he could see the disturbing sight of his own his limbs fading away. He screamed long and hard and he could feel his screams leaving his mouth but he could not hear his screams. He tried to sit up from the bed and he could not move at all. As he watched their bodies continue to fade, he could see the doors of his bedroom closet through the beings, and the doors became more transparent as the beings continued to fade. Then he noticed objects unfamiliar to him start to appear all around him, fading in behind the beings, a bright light up high, corners of tables, silver walls, and several more beings like the ones in his bedroom, standing and waiting for their colleagues to arrive. The beings and Jesus then became fully visible and Jesus was standing beside a white padded surgical table. Before he could budge several Deshans lifted him up onto the table and a force field draped Jesus and held him entirely in place.
I later learned that Commander Bin was holding Jesus' hand because he did not want him to run off after the transport was finished. But Bor had been holding Commander Bin's hand because Bor liked the Commander as a mate potential, the third alien touching Jesus on his shoulder was just really excited about the mission and was excited to be touching Jesus or "the chosen one" as many Deshans were already referring to him. Jesus frantically looked around at his new surroundings. He was in a large room with walls that curled inward on two ends of the room. The ceiling was very high, and the air was too warm and so moist it was being in the spray of a wave. There were six of the beings, two of them on the far side of the room were holding objects, one of them some type of fat tubing, and in the hands of the other was what looked like an oversized wine bottle opener. Still hoping he was dreaming Jesus closed his eyes tight and held them closed. When he felt something small pressing against his head he looked to see what it was. One of the beings was pressing a finger against his forehead and looking into his eyes and had a pleasant small smile on it's face, which seemed almost female. Jesus immediately felt very calm and he could feel his ability to speak return, and he could feel and even and nearly gentle restriction all over his body as he had been force field restrained. The smiling Deshan then left Jesus' sight, and soon after leaning in to his view was Commander Nim who was leaning his face close to Jesus' face and also smiling with his eye brow ridges wide and high as if completely delighted, and he began to speak and a couple of seconds later Jesus could hear him speaking English into his left ear. Jesus reached for his ear and could feel an apparatus inserted into his ear and he surmised quickly it was the translator enabling him to communicate.
"Jesus I am Commander Nim of the Deshan Interstellar Anthropological Division of the Deshan Military Authority. All of your pondering about ufo's and aliens flying about the galaxy are true! Tell me how do you feel at this moment?"
"Is this really happening?" Jesus impulsively asked, as his eyes darted about frantically trying to take-in his surroundings.
"Yes this is absolutely in the moment Jesus. You're not going to be harmed or mistreated, or experience any pain. Take a look at my face and look at my crew  here in this room, get used to our faces Jesus. We're friends. We are a peaceful race."
"Umm okay. Experience pain? This is a dream. I must have taken an ambien, but I don't think I did. How do I know I'm not dreaming this, just a really real dream?"
"I mean you won't feel pain by our hands Jesus. I have an idea, I'll be right back." Commander Nim straightened and left Jesus view for about ten or twelve seconds then leaned over Jesus again holding up Jesus' smart phone.
"Here is what I'm going to do so you can know this is not a dream, this is your smart phone,   one of my assistants will take a picture of all of us right here at the table with you and then we'll send it to your email and message it to the phone and it will be in your device when you go to see it tomorrow when you are back home. And Jesus think about right now, do your dreams ever get this detailed, this technological and this tactile? No they do not should be your answer because they could not, because this is not a dream. Yes? Sound okay to you Jesus?"
"Yah I guess so. But how about you remove these restraints?"
"Great. The restraints were for the these initial moments in case you were in shock and animated, but you seem to be not in shock, you seem to be with us already. Release his restraints please Radu." Bin seemed to not like the restraints any more than Jesus did.
The photograph now known to the world as Jesus Day One illustrates Jesus on the Deshans' surgical table from about ten feet behind the head of the table. Bin appears on the left of the table and Bin on the right each with his hand on Jesus' shoulders. Jesus is laying on his left side and holding his upper body off the table with his left arm so that he can look behind the table, and he is raising his right hand and making a peace sign. Most amazing to every one viewing this picture for a human who was just abducted by aliens only a few minutes ago Jesus appears genuinely happy and smiling and is impulsively saying "cheese." He is looking straight at the camera as if he were with friends he had been with all day. Commander Nim was also smiling and he stood to Jesus' left with one hand resting on Jesus raised top right shoulder and with his other arm and hand he was making the customary Earth hello wave to the camera. At the right side of Jesus' surgical table stood Lieutenant Bor, his right hand touching the table, and Bor was also smiling at the camera, and following Bins' actions, Bor also waved hello. In the background were four other Deshans, two with their heads down at work on something , two others smiling at the camera who are holding objects low in front of them. Radu had set up the picture and ran to slide into place kneeling on one leg in front the table just under and in front of Jesus' head and she was copying Jesus' peace sign with her right hand and smiling gleefully. It is the greatest selfie ever taken. It is said the photograph is a first documented look at the future of the world that was soon to come, and the epitome in one image of what Earth and Deshan relations would later be.
Ten hours later when Jesus read the email and the text message and saw the picture he hid the image and held onto it very secretively for ten years and until Day One when the end of all suffering was proclaimed by the Alliance and the Deshans finally came out-of-the-closet and landed on Earth. It remains one of the most important images of all Earths' history, and it is viewable at the United States National Archives in Washington D.C..
"Yah that's fine I'll see it tomorrow. Right. Where are you from? How far away? Have you been coming to Earth for a long time? Where are we now? What . . "
"Deep breath Jesus. You seem to handling this well, psychologically." Said Nim.
"Don't give that deep breath shit, you take a deep fucking breath!"
"Radu touch him again please." Nim requested
"The female looking Deshan leaned in, touched Jesus forehead a second time, and smiled very pleasantly to Jesus, then pulled away.
"By the end of tonight you will see that this may be the best thing that could ever happen to you, Jesus Carlson.
"What do you plan on doing with me first." Jesus was highly emotional and firm.
"Would you say no to becoming Superman?" Nim offered the scenario right-away.
"What? I guess not. No. Who wouldn't want to be like Superman?"
"The government and the people by popular vote, want you to become a super-man for Earth. And we can do it in five nights. You will have powers greater than your Superman hero. And you will be solving problems, not patching them up like Superman. And I would love your consent and cooperation Jesus." Nim was folding the fingers of his hands together.
"You mean I could fly like Superman?"
"Yes you can fly, and with our help from here you can transport yourself or anything or anyone to anywhere on your planet in three seconds."
"Yes Startrek Jesus! Beam you out Scotty yes. Deshans are masters of molecular transport, we did yours slowly on purpose, it helps with first timers to transition their visual reception of what is happening to them."
"Okay how does this work, Commander Nim is it?
"Just speak "Nim" and that is fine."
Nim then pointed his finger above Jesus' body and a large graphical display then appeared. It was a three dimensional blueprint of a spherical metallic robot with six arms attached to it, with hundreds of small fibers hanging out of the end of each arm. At it's center was a circular glowing yellowish area about an inch in diameter.
"Meet Delex Jesus. To a Deshan this is a display of a real person, a Deshan, who lives inside this sphere which we would like to put inside of you, in your chest. This is what he looked like when he had his body." A Deshan face appeared in the top right corner of the display, which to Jesus looked very similar to Nims' face. "Delex has done this before, and the people around you now have all done this kind of thing before. About one-hundred thousand of my people have been fortunate enough to have this procedure. We do not expect any damage to you or even pain, some discomfort at first, but no real pain. Delex is immersed in a computer, and behind the computer in the sphere is a power source that no one must ever possess but yourself and Delex on this mission."
"What's the mission Nim?"
"Save the Earth!" Nim smiled and pointed his longest finger into the air.
"Oh my god." Jesus said in all seriousness.
"And your next question might be . . why me, right?
"Right. I'm not that special. I'm not brilliant or athletic or . ."
"But you are Jesus. We chose you from a group of one hundred candidates we followed since their early childhoods until about a year ago when the Deshan people decided upon you alone. You became one of those candidates when you passed one of our tests. I do not know if you remember you took a learning studies test at a child psychiatrists' office in nineteen sixty nine." The screen above Jesus displayed pages of a cognition test for children on the screen.
"It was our test, the doctor did not even suspect it, we had them all using our tests. We liked your almost dominant use of imagery for cognition and speech, from your right hemisphere to communicate with your left hemisphere. In your brain Jesus, this was a trait we knew would work very well with a Delex type integration. Conceive, or imagine if a concept requires several thoughts to develop and then be broadcast to the body, using images instead is like one big neuronal flash of the concept at once because it requires your subconscious mind to assist far more so than if you were only using your left brain as an average human would. Delex can utilize your ability to rely on imagery to communicate with you and sense and interact with your environment. It is as if the imagery will bridge the gap between his speed and quantity of thought and you and your environment. The great benefit to you is that Delex can interpret and predict your actions using your imagery, and Delex let's you know very quickly what he wants to communicate to you often using your own large stored library of images. Any questions?"
"Wait. How did you know all of this about me when I was so young? I remember getting a pet scan at around fourteen, but that wasn't you too was it?" Jesus asked puzzled.
"We scanned you after your test alerted us to your existence. Deshans are most excellent masters of gathering information. We are much better now at reading your thoughts and even some memories. Our technology is coveted throughout the great Alliance of planets!" Clearly a point of pride for Nim, a scientist first and a Deshan military Commander second.
"Alliance of planets? No shit. How many planets?"
"Seventeen planets Jesus and twelve species that travel between those planets. But there are hundreds of known intelligent species in our part of the galaxy, many of those are far less developed than Earth is. Back to Delex. It is important that you know these things now before you and he are joined. Can we get you something to drink?"
"Umm ya. Um how about an ice cold grape soda?"
"Radu please?"
Radu left the side of the table and her foot steps hurried to the ege of the room, paused, then hurried back to Jesus' side with a cold grape soda, in the bottle with a flex straw in the top. It's appropriate for Jesus Carlson fans to note here that Jesus claims it was a Nehi soda, a central east coast United States brand, but I argue with him over this because it can't be a Nehi since they have been out of business for years because I also used to drink it frequently, but it may just be it was an old program in the Deshan matter replicator, and in that case I am still not sure who wins that argument because the soda itself was technically not in existence before Jesus possessed it and the argument was technically about where the soda originated from. Nim continued explaining the mission.
"On my planet it is a great honor to be able to extend your life in an artificial construct and be a greatly enhanced being, when the body is through." Nim was sort of grinning down at Jesus.
"Why is it honorable?"
"Because those selected are engaged by the Deshan government to perform a task which benefits all of Desha or all  of the Alliance. You are delegated to save the Earth's most famous civilization, humans, for the sake of all of the Galactic Alliance because they want humanity. The want you to survive the black hole test and reach space travel. The Alliance and all of Desha like humans very much."
"From now on Jesus when I speak of the biobot I'm talking about the computer within you [Nim pointed to the diagram on screen], and when I speak of Delex I'm speaking of the person Delex who uses the biobot. It's very important you get clear on the distinction, in your memory. The biobot is the spherical deshonium encasement and central operating system center housing a quantum computer and storage and operating capacity for a Deshan consciousness and the main controlling device for all functions within the host body, used with your input and willingness. It is seven point four six two inches in diameter and it weighs seven point six pounds. These appendages extending from the sphere of the biobot are right and left arms and legs interfaces and this thicker one is a head interface and this one interfaces with your new respiratory and cardio vascular machine. Yes before you say it you're getting this heart and lung machine sitting next to the biobot and Delex in your chest. I should have talked about this first, sorry.  But we will store your original heart and lungs here on board this vessel until the mission is over and you want them back, or if we need them for a cloning emergency."
"You're taking out my heart and lungs? And cloning? What the fuck? Are you going to clone me?"
"I'm going to fast. The primary reason to clone from your tissue is to replace your own body parts to save your life, or if you want a bigger penis that actually belonged to you, sort of, for instance." Nim was assuring Jesus.
"Oh my god, I can have a bigger dick!" Jesus began to show enthusiasm for the first time in this encounter.
"Yes Jesus, I've been studying your planet long enough, no pun intended, to know that the size of the genitalia is very important to males, so you can spear your mates more destructively."
"Uh ya, spearing them more . . destructively. You don't watch our pornography do you?"
"Poor-what?" Nim inquired with a horizontally straight mouth, an expression which mostly means a Deshan is showing no emotion, perhaps because the information lacks a response.
"Pornography. The biggest part of the internet? Naked pictures of people, people having sex in pictures and video and magazines at truck stops?"
"What is a truck stop? They have sex at truck stops?" Nim was honestly asking.
"Well yes, but that's not what truck stops are for, they're for getting gasoline and sleeping in  your truck, and throwing away your plastic shopping bag full of your poop. Maybe you should just continue to tell me about Delex and the metal ball you're going to put in my chest?"
"Yes in a moment Jesus. Is pornography the sixty seven thousand images you have categorized in twelve different folders based upon what the images show of the female body part on your home computer, and the seven-thousand images on your smart phone categorized in a folder called supreme?"
"Umm yes, yes that's pornography. What in the hell have you been doing that you don't know about pornography? How long have you been here? Pornography is like a one hundred billion dollar industry."
"It's possible we are just in miscommunication about what it is." Bin held his chin as if to speculate.
"We have a former sexual anthropologist on board, he would love to hear about this phenomena! I'll introduce you tomorrow night maybe." Bor offered happily.
"Well, I can't say I'm really looking forward to an intellectual hour about pornography with an alien, but okay." Jesus hesitantly replied.
"Let's get back to the machine you guys are going to put in my chest, okay Nim?"
"Very well Jesus!"
Nim then spent about an hour by Jesus side before the procedure began. His information for Jesus was tailored to not involve him too technically, to give him an overall viewpoint, and prepare him for how he was going to feel with the Delex unit inside him from now until removal.
"The quantum computer in the sphere is Delex consuming less than one cubic millimeter of space within the sphere. The sphere and Delex are inseparable. If the two are separated neither will survive as the technology, for security purposes, will disintegrate and Delex will have death. Chiefly it is the computer that creates and manages the gravity wells, the chief method you'll use to control matter around you. We will begin teaching you how to use the gravity well technology within you in next few nights. In your nervous system the biobot will detect emotional states and changes and rearrange proteins and neurotransmitter levels to fit the situation. Most often Delex will know the emotion you are about to experience before you begin to feel it. But it is you who according to Deshan programming will handle your emotions, up until the precise moment they need adjusting by the biobot. When the biobot and Delex are handling your emotions you will not be aware of it.  It's important that you feel autonomy over your body and its responding emotions with it's enhancements. That you express human emotion is highly important to this mission, or else we would send Delex to Earth inside a full sized robot body. Your emotions, their strength is another reason you were chosen from the candidate field. You must be accepted as human for your fellow species for the mission of saving the Earth to be effective."
Delex has the knowledge of an eight hundred and two year old warrior and scientist and poet and philosopher and a master of Deshan sex change. Delex is a coveted intelligence asset . . ."
"Wait a second, a sex change? You can change sexes?" Jesus was curious as to the implication.
"Yes Jesus, Deshans are bi-sexual. In terms you may understand, we are all male until we need to be female. Not like a human bisexual who enjoys sexual activity with both sexes, we also enjoy sex with both sexes, except we change sex to become heterosexually ready for that Deshan we want. In this way mating can take place and procreation occurs more often among us. We have males and females within us all, enabling relations with Deshans of any sex. If a Deshan feels attracted to another Deshan, and he feels a sexual need for that Deshan, the Deshan with the strongest longing to reproduce will undergo physical changes over the course of about three months to change into the opposite sex of the Deshan he is interested in. Then we have sex with a partner of the opposite sex. If love between the two opposites fades, the Deshan who underwent the change begins to revert back to his preferred sex, and separation is not far off."
"Weird. So If I were a Deshan, one of us will change sex? What if I didn't want to be a female, but I still liked the male?"
"One of you will change, not both of you. If you are experiencing more emotion for the Deshan of your desire, who is of the same sex, you will change. If a Deshan likes you sexually more than you like that that Deshan sexually, that Deshan will become female in that case because his feelings were stronger. Many Deshans become sexually aroused to other Deshans who never change for them sexually, those are mates lost, and that happens frequently. We have many songs about mates lost, like you  do. It can be heart-breaking, as you would say on Earth. Fortunately now, for those unrequited Deshans we have memory block technology, so emotional pain does not last very long."
"Yahh, I know what broken-hearted means." Jesus had a disappointed look on his face.
"You're thinking about your Karen are you not?"
"How did you know about me and her?"
"That would be from that web site you made when you became angry at her."
"Oh. I took that down over a year ago. I'm over her."
"We have memory block on board this ship, if you want to use it I can accommodate you, it's adjusted for humans, though a human has not used it yet. It's here for you if you decided you want to get rid of her memory."
"We knew about here because we monitor your every keystroke, you have no privacy on the internet Jesus. It's in Desha's interest that we know as much as possible about you, and your prolific writing and internet posting tells us a lot about you. Now please let me finish telling you about Delex and biobot, there's a lot you should know." Nim continued his instruction using the graphical display above Jesus' surgical table.
"Desha and the science team was fortunate to get Delex for humanize. As an adjunct to several biobots in the past, he has served in five combat missions and six scientific missions. Before his body was decommissioned he had lived on planets in four systems and had known more than three thousand individuals, including ten wives and dozens of children whose deaths and illnesses he has had to witness during his lifetime. As a disembodied life form he has received honorable awards from Deshan central government on six occasions, for his loyalty and his competence on several missions. Delex was already familiar with this type of mission, the exception to this mission is the he had infiltrated political positions to pose as an insider in past missions. But inhabiting you, a regular citizen will be different for him as he has to make authoritative power in your society rather than assume it.  Delex knows what to be cautious of and what to expect of reactions from populations. Delex knows well of the goal of ending all suffering. He will provide a manually directed camera feed to this ship while we are in high orbit. He will use the biobots’ foresight, that will be constantly be on, and he will use it to avoid accidents or to avoid and destroy offensive weapons in transit. The biobot now on-board Jesus has knowledge of every weapon on the planet and how to stop those weapons in their tracks, adding to your indestructibility from Earth weapons."
"Whoa. I'll be able to see the future?"
"Not exactly, Delex can touch alternate universes, only momentarily, long enough to see the greatest threat to you. You see Jesus universes drift, and little pieces of universe float by within universes which are closely similar to each other. It's why humans see ghosts. It's why many humans disappear without a trace every year, they had become completely enveloped in the bubble of a passing universe. In a twin universe, one that is so closely similar even the names of the beings within them are the same. Delex can find a universe "bubble" near you, which would not be near you if it were not very similar in space and time, and he can see into the timeline of that bubble, and most drifting bubbles are representative of a time and time's events that had already taken place in that other similar universe, usually very close in time, like thirty seconds ahead of your universe. In this manner Delex can warn you of impending dangers, like missiles headed for you, like people approaching you from behind."
"This is blowing my mind Nim. Does this only happen on Earth?"
"Earth has what we call good bubbles, mainly because the magnetic field of this planet traps many universe bubbles for longer than most planets. Actually some of  you humans have recently discovered the ability to see the bubbles. Some humans have begun using infra-red powered cameras, telescopes, and even binoculars to actually see the bubbles drifting above their homes, they think they are seeing aliens, or different beings coming from deep within the planet. They don't know what they are, and that's best for now, it would "blow the minds" of your planet if the truth about the bubbles were to become known fact. For now these people who are seeing the bubbles are oblivious and that's best."
"Okay back to gravity wells: using the biobot Delex will direct and create precisely placed gravity wells hundreds or thousands or more at a time if needed. Gravity wells will also act as energy force fields of any size and strength at incredible speeds, when and where and however you intend to use these forces. Delex will remind you when you need to back-track and remove gravity wells placed earlier on people and structures and objects. Delex can maintain a gravity well from thousands of Earth miles away, and he can hold their strength permanently on Earth, thousands and thousands of gravity wells at a time. The Delex biobot can handle trillions of calculations per second making it nearly impossible to defeat him or you from any direction at any time. Delex can think creatively when you are momentarily at a loss for defensive or offensive tactic. Delex will act immediately when Jesus is too slow. The Delex biobot will show Jesus when and where to use non-lethal force against enemies. By control over your nervous system adjusting your various neurotransmitters the biobot well stop your mis-perceptions and remind you of what reality is, and let you know when you are being unreasonable or even  overoptimistic. Over the course of Delex’s long life he has developed a data bank designed to predict behavior, it is developed and honed accurate sense of artificial intuition which will be invaluable when you are interacting with humans.
"Delex has a twin and there is a condition involving the two of them that you should know about. There exists a certain two laws of physics and of biologic nature that the Deshans with all our knowledge and technology have been unable to understand yet. Deshans call it the “only one" syndrome. Because Delex is a military and intelligence asset Deshan military keeps only one copy of his consciousness, his twin, at a laboratory in orbit of Desha 3 that fits him comfortably inside the computer, free of any small computer dwelling. This copy is Delex prior to his latest mission, after being briefed on the mission and before leaving. When several months of Humanize has passed I will be in charge of getting a new back-up of Delex to the Delex copy at Desha. Delex must never be in the same location with that copy. If Delex should happen to be within a certain distance of the copy, the two consciousness’s would battle for long periods of time from months to centuries. They will extend their battle environment away from Desha to be out of range of harm to friends and family. With their ability to create the gravity well they could extend their battle to the rest of  the galaxy, as two such battles in the  past have done. The challenge on behalf of the Deshans is to stop these battles, to prevent a contact from occurring they monitor the thoughts of each of the biobot twin beings, searching for patterns that indicate the biobot is planning to attack it's twin or copy. Separating further is necessary if this planning of the copy's extermination is discovered. Depending on interstellar communications networks between systems, it is sometimes necessary to separate the twin biobots by as much as twenty light years. It would only be over when one of them is completely wiped from biobot containment and all computer storage, and the survivor can function in full knowledge that it is unique in the universe, the only one."
"Now a little bit about you. Genetically you will be given all that you need to complete this mission. In your blood will reside the ability to cause all flesh on your body to harden to a state of invincibility in a fraction of a millisecond, when danger is near.  Your eyes will be able to see very far, only limited to what is under your line of sight due to the curvature of the Earth. Your own brain will be capable of more focus and more problem solving ability than you have ever known. Your mind will see images of events that you want to see in the close future, with matters of seconds or minutes to respond or to prepare. Your body will feel little need for sleep. Your muscular strength will be ten times stronger than any of your fellow Earthlings. The eating "problem" will be minimal rather than the heavy and messy process involving three meals per day. The defecating "problem" could not be handled on board the biobot, but the matter can be transported into space at your intent.
"Oh come on! I can shit myself?"
"No it is less messy than that we will scan the shit and transport it out of your colon and descending colon, and your urine from your bladder as well. You don't need to go looking for a restroom in the middle of saving some one, right?"
"Right. But if I become suddenly frightened and impulsively shit myself, are  you going to catch it then? Is your transporter guy that good?"
"It will not be noticeable Jesus! It  will be like a weight is suddenly gone from your colon and your bladder is suddenly relaxed, please let me go on, you are screwing up my schedule."
"That camera from Delex I was telling you about will be monitored by us here on-board. So you will be watched constantly by members of the science team in orbit of Earth.  In this manner, and you'll need to get used to this, you will never be alone."
"Jesus Christ! This is a lot to take in. So what if I want to be alone, like with a woman, or just be by myself to take a dump, or to jerk-off?"
"Excellent question. It appears you are getting-it. You can request solitude from Delex and from our surveillance any time  you want it, just by feeling the need to be alone, or sending him an image of your being alone in some manner. Delex will recognize it and then shut down all non essential sensory data. He'll leave on the sensory inputs which would allow him to sense danger around you,  including his near future capability. But it's been our experience with other species that eventually you will care not that Delex is on. You'll be satisfied that he shares every aspect of your life. Oh yes, and it would be wise if you not tell others about the constant surveillance, it will change the way they interact with you and feel about being near you. So we recommend not telling anyone. Right?"
"Right. I get it."
"So Jesus, we are ready for the first surgical procedure. We will not be opening your body, rather molecular transport will be doing everything. We just monitor the process. Because you are the first human to undergo this treatment, we will watch your body very closely for any details that we deem are necessary for adjustment of the procedure. Because you'll be clinically dead for about ten minutes, I want you to agree to full anesthesia so you have no memory of having no heart and lungs, even if that memory is seconds, it is likely a feeling you do not want to remember. Okay my friend?"
Jesus was trusting Nim at this time. What he offered Jesus was too fantastic to deny.
"Okay lets do this. I'm as ready as I'll ever be, I think. Wait, will I be able to have sex?"
"You will. Jesus if there is anything about being human that this procedure would take-away from you, I would let you know. You won't know the difference except for what is new, the Delex and biobot components. The rest of you is you completely. Relax. Radu please administer Jesus' anesthesia."

[consider new chapter starts here]
On the first day Jesus felt his body more healthful than he ever recalled. He realized the absence of bodily feelings he had lived with for years. The first absence he noticed was that all arthritis pain was gone, the sore knees, the cramping fingers, the mild hip pain he experienced when walking was gone. When he awoke in his bed after the visit to the Deshan ship he felt wide-awake, as if he had a good night's sleep. He described it to me:
[insert pencil on desk scene]
"You know how when you're a little kid and your body is never a matter to you? You have no conception of feeling ill, no understanding of what it's like to feel restricted by your body, not even gravity seems to hinder you. Like nothing in my whole life that ever effected my body had ever happened. It was like getting a new body. Or better, like a second chance with your same body. It was kind of wonderful. In my mind I wanted to go outside and find friends and play all day."
The second night came quickly as if the first day were a dream. Jesus actually got dressed for the occasion of going to the Deshan ship again.  He walked the dogs around eight p.m. in preparation to leave at around the same time as the previous night, nine-o-clock.  He waited on his bed, to be in the same place, as if the Deshans had to come back to that location.  This time no Deshans arrived in his home, he was transported while chewing a mouthful of peanuts, and was chewing on nothing after materializing on the surgical table once again.
"Welcome back Jesus!" Nim was standing right beside him smiling wide.
"How do you like your body Jesus?"
"It feels incredible. Like a new body. I can't believe how happy I feel. It's like, I didn't know I was so sickly."
"Great. That is how we want you to feel. Do you have any questions now that you have had one day to think about it all?"
"Well at first I was not sure it had happened."
"That is typical. The human mind is expert at fully denying the seemingly impossible. But I assure you it is all real."
"Oh I know now. There was no better explanation for how I was feeling. So what's on for tonight Nim?"
"Tonight we activate Delex's powers. But we begin with testing Delex's neural integration with your nervous system, that should be done in a couple of hours. Then we turn-on his gravity well capability, that's when the fun begins as you will begin using the power of the gravity well, I think you will find the experience to be amazing.
"I'll be able to fly?"
"Yes but flying is nothing compared to the powers you will have to practice with tomorrow. And I need to stress to you, don' be seen flying just yet. When all of this is through you will be ready to announce yourself to the pubic. Flying around without all your powers, and you having poor control of those powers, would result in a bad start, maybe even being apprehended by authorities. Maybe even killing someone."
"Okay, I can agree to that, for now I guess."
"I have a surprise for you that I did not tell you about last night. We're prepared to make your body look great, like the models in the undergarment commercials, all extraneous fat removed, muscles larger, a flat abdomen which I know is something you have been trying to achieve for many years."
"No shit! How big, not too big I hope."
Nim put the statue of Michael De Angelo's David on screen and smiled.
"Yeah alright! But a complete dick please."
"Yes of course Jesus, what size penis do you want?"
"Do you have any pictures of John Holmes, he die from AIDS about twenty years ago, I want his dick, or rather his size?"
"Yes the team discovered the pornography you mentioned last night. In fact four crew members have been up all night and are still researching the subject, for some reason." Nim pointed to the view screen and a fully naked photo of John (bid dick) Holmes appeared.
"That's it, that's the dick for me!"
"Very well, when you wake up a little later on it will be yours."
"Great, you can take the image away now thanks."
"Does this image offend you Jesus?"
"Umm no, but it's kind of gay to have it so big in front of me like this. I'm a little bit homophobic."
"Of course. My apologies. You are heterosexual and have repulsion to homosexual imagery, I understand, I think."
The testing of Delex's integration began with simple finger exercises while on the table. Later Jesus sat in another room filled with small objects from Earth, including rocks, clocks, pictures, chairs, and a series of weights. After just two hours Jesus was able to lift a twenty pound weight into the air and gently set it on a chair.
"Very good! As the next several days proceed your abilities and Delex's abilities to manipulate the gravity wells through your intentions will improve. You'll be able to lift much heavier objects. You will be able to throw those objects very far, even as far as into your star. Tomorrow night we'll have live subjects to practice on. You will need to know not just how to manipulate them but most importantly how to not hurt them and manipulate their positions in space, any space that is."
"This is just amazing. Again I feel like I'm dreaming, even though this is the second night."
Nim approached Jesus in his chair and stomped on Jesus left foot with all his weight."
"Oww! What was that for?"
"Still think you are dreaming? I saw that in an Abbot and Costello movie, did it work?"
"Yes that worked fine, thanks." Jesus rolled his eyes toward the wall away from Nim to express sarcasm to himself.
"You are done with this room. Next lets fix up that body of yours. Penis too. Back to the table."

James Craft family-of-elephants.jpg
He arrives for the animals.

James Craft Rome.jpg
He arrives for the faiths.

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He arrives for justice and equality.

James Craft Earth in space x 1400.jpg
He arrives for the protection of our system and our planet.

James Craft Red Square Moscow - Copy.jpg
He arrives to bring us together.

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