The Black Hole Test, Destiny chapter 1

the author: having fun while exposure of the discovery continues. On 4/28/2016 I validated the ability of Team 2 (from this side of the timelines/dimensions) to communicate using Gravity Well Technology to manipulate moisture from a huge distance of nearly 100 million miles away, in close proximity to our star. It was the first documented contact with an alien civilization on Earth and can be valiated by anyone viewing 2 social network accounts belonging to myself as


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Chapter 1
The Black Hole Test
Each space traveling civilization has passed the black hole test and while doing so they have created thousands of stories in the known galaxy. The most challenging test in the universe now brings this story to these pages.  If an advancing civilization passes the test it then develops faster than light speed travel and goes on to thrive in the galaxy as a member of the interstellar community. If a civilization fails the black hole test, as most do without having help, it vanishes in an instant leaving a dangerous and disruptive drifting black hole as the only memorial of their lost existence. If a species is about to fail their test, intervention by an advanced alien species can halt the inevitable and postpone the extinction of the species and the disappearance of a planet or of a solar system. Such is the background that became the widely told legend of an  alien intervention, and a legend within that legend of a single human man who had been given the ability to influence Earth toward completion of a tremendous and seemingly impossible task, the end of all suffering.
The empire of Desha and the Great Alliance of Planets were the navigators of Earth's passing the black hole test and surviving. After Earth passed it's test the real ground-work had to begin. It was the Deshans and one man with total commitment in service to his planet who drove Earth on to it's next destination: admittance into the Galactic Alliance of Planets, which for every new planet admitted means a technological boost in progress of a thousand years or more and full communication with cultures each unimaginably different. For admittance to come about the Earth must show it can achieve the end of all suffering as all Alliance planets had done. To lead Earth in this challenge, to be the face of the effort, one of Earth's own was chosen and he was given unstoppable power as he was integrated with Deshan gravity well technology and a Deshan consciousness to guide him with more wisdom and experience than any Deshan.  The human man and the Deshan being inside him were a single super hero, a creator of solutions, a force unchallengeable. He was also lovable, smart, funny, impulsive, handsome, outrageous, empathy filled and emotionally sensitive so much that his love for his fellow humans spilled over into everything he did, every creative idea, every new plan to reach the end of all suffering.  His reverence and existence is so acclaimed now that I am embarrassed to have to type his name in the following space. His name of course was Jesus Carlson. Today when an Earthling considers the end of all suffering and all that it took, Jesus' gently smiling face and a popular video of him tossing an American aircraft carrier into the sun, comes to most people's minds. But some will just look up at the moon to see the twelve-hundred mile high initials carved out by Jesus himself and everyone always smiles and feels hope upon the sight of it.


At about the 43rd parallel, at a location some 300 miles east of the North American Atlantic seaboard, at thirty-two-thousand feet above New England, the sunshine was as bright as it can be on Earth. The tops of the slowly blowing wispy bright-white clouds beneath this clear space seemed to stretch-on to no end in every direction. Then in the farthest distance, appeared a growing black spot. As it neared it grew larger, it clearly did not belong in the atmosphere above the clouds. It quickly approached.  Now closer, it is visible as an upright human man. Standing on nothing and moving rapidly to this location at high speed. His black suit now visible, his wavy red hair and his handsome face, striking. He stopped as if on a specified spot in the sky. In black leather, his arms bare, his sunglasses black and glistening with the sun’s reflection gave no clue to his identity. Completely still. He was smiling very slightly, his hair combed and greased and he looked at a device on his arm, he turned to face a cloud a few miles away. He spoke down at his device, “Mary I’m there waiting for it now.” Flight 303 from Paris to New York, New York, was losing altitude fast and heading for the deep Atlantic below. The nose of the plane burst through the clouds, headed directly for the man floating in the sky. The man stuck his arms outward toward the plane, his hands open, he leaned forward. Flight 303, two of it’s engines on fire, the worried faces of three cabin crew in it’s cockpit window, came to a slow in the few miles between the man and the cloud it had burst through, about 3 seconds earlier. It stopped in mid air, out in front of the man by only a few feet. The plane hung in space. The black suited man seemed to relax. “You guys are safe now.” He yelled toward the crew at they each could not close their jaws, could not blink, as the amazing thing that was happening had placed them temporary shock. The man directed the plane to the ground. He brought the plane to rest under his full control, his arms extended, relaxed, at an airfield called Luvitts Field. At the small airport he floated above the plane and watched for a couple of minutes as the emergency crews rushed to the scene and passengers had begun jumping down an inflatable escape slide. “Safe.” He said into his device.
In less than 12 seconds later, Senior President Victoro Siladas, was sitting on his balcony throne, flanked by six of his elite guards wearing dark camouflage green uniforms, tightly fitted and combat ready. Below him in the sun baked courtyard of his palace, 7 people were about to be shot by a firing squad. Only one of people had actually committed a crime. The other 6 were thought to be conspirators. El Presidente raised his left arm and began the 3 second count-down to their deaths, “Uno . . Seco.” The man materialized in a quick sparkling of illuminated mist, his long knife was already at the throat of El Presidente. The counting stopped. The guards were frozen, unable to grasp this rapid event. The men of the firing squad all looked up at El Presidente, each still about to fire.
On Earth in central Europe it was a spring morning and skies were clear and life was alert and busy. The day was June the sixteenth, in the year twenty-sixteen, and the time was just past 10:00 a.m.. Fifty two million miles away at a region of a northern hemisphere of  Mars it was night and an almost perfectly round meteor impact crater was as ordinary as the hundreds around it, with walls hundreds of feet high and a diameter of about a quarter of a mile and a powdery and flat interior. Inside the crater the surface ground began to disappear and in four seconds the ground appeared to have completely dematerialized revealing a semi circular dark hole beneath it. A low rumbling from within the hole shook loose rocks from the crater walls. A whooshing sound came from within the hole as internal atmosphere rushed outward toward the interior of the crater, and as black landing bay doors swiftly slid aside immediately a one hundred and fifty meter wide and sixty meter high saucer shaped white ship flew briskly out of the crater's dark hole. The saucer banked starboard to clear Mars and face Earth with an unobstructed straight line view and then it stopped two hundred miles above the daylight side of the planet. The crater interior became whole again. On the command deck stood Captain Wi Sona next to his first officer Ty On, they were Deshan military and exploration officers who commanded an interstellar and atmospheric vessel, a late-model Vobra class Gravity Well Science and Defense saucer. For more than a decade this Deshan crew of thirty personnel have been stationed at Mars, in an elaborate underground science and military headquarters designed for three hundred Deshans and for the long term monitoring of Earth. They were assigned a long term mission that seven crews have performed for six Earth decades before them. Until the last few years most of that monitoring time has been spent catching violators of interstellar mining and traffic rules established for Earth by Deshan authorities. But the time for that partly militaristic mission has turned to the highly honorable task of assisting their own Deshan Interstellar Anthropological Division with a very important mission. All of Desha was watching reports regarding the mission's progress in records of viewers exceeding that of the Deshan rebroadcast of Earth's Desperate Housewives two Earth years prior. This mission was initially planned for over fifty Earth years ago, and now was to accelerate and become very active beginning with this morning's actions. Deshans call the mission Humanize, a subtle mocking of Earthlings use of the word to describe how they feel they should be, how they feel they should treat other humans or how they should treat animals. The Deshans hope to force humanity to honor it's meaning, for the first time, planet-wide.
"Make our point for rendezvous with Commander Nim. Next to Commander Nims' ship On!" Ordered Captain Sona to his Lieutenant, adding a reference to a single mistake Lieutenant On had made many years past.
"Right away sir. Point located sir. Ready to check the point sir." Lieutenant On replied as he had hundreds of times during this procedure.
"Very well run the check."
"Ships' computer running the check sir. Eight seconds. We have green on the point sir."
"Take us there On."
A green laser shot out from the saucers' underside, the laser directed it's end toward Earth, a bright star like point then appeared upon the top edge of the laser and several miles in front of ship. On the command deck the forward view screen displayed a tiny blue dot in the center of the screen. Four seconds passed as the blue dot grew to become Earth almost filling the view screen from one-hundred and fifty thousand miles above the surface.
"All systems functional sir, we are holding position above Earth. The science team's vessel is on our right arm and we are seven seconds late. Should I make contact with them sir?"
"I've got it On. Commander Nim how are you today?"
"Maybe you should have had one less doughnut Captain. You were given enough time to get here on time!" Nim replied with sarcasm and a humorous inflection.
"Commander we can't keep enough doughnuts at base for me to have an extra one; besides it would start a morale issue, unfair doughnut distribution you know."
"We can joke around later Captain, is your crew ready to get this mission finally moving?" Nim was anxious to begin.
"To use an Earth term; the crew of the Vobos 235 was born ready Commander!"
"Very well On let's get right on top of the target. What is the status of the audio alarm?" Captain Wi asked of his lieutenant.
"Engineering shows the alarm buoy prepared and ready on your mark, with it's altitude set to two hundred feet above the complex. Both saucers are positioning over Cern, Switzerland now sirs. We are over Cern sirs."
"Launch the alarm buoy On." Captain Wi pointed his longest finger toward the planet, a move he took with no embarrassment from a favorite Earth character: Star Trek the Next Generation's captain Picard.
The small silver missile shaped buoy shot out from under the ship and ripped through the atmosphere in seconds and at five-thousand feet, it's anti-gravity mechanism unfolded around it's lower circumference like a peeling fruit and the buoy slowed and then came to a stop two hundred feet above the Large Hadron Colliders' main complex.
"Buoy in place." Lieutenant On offered to both ships.
"Start the alarm." Nim ordered.
There were two hundred and fifty personnel occupying the entire facility that morning. The alarm was a frequency and pattern taken from a nineteen fifties U.S. government public safety film in which American towns were shown preparing for a nuclear attack, the yellow painted four directional sirens mounted on top of telephone polls blared out the long escalating and falling and repeating single note as a mechanical whirring for local warnings during emergency drills. When the 240 decibel (estimated) alarm began at 10:03 a.m. it was said to be painfully ear piercing to be directly under it. The entire town of Cern was alerted and frightened and all took to the streets to observe with their eyes what their ears were telling them was unreal. Workers three levels underground covered their ears and ran for the nearest exits. As far as twelve miles away it was heard one level underground as loud as being next to a train. It would be one of the great understatements of this entire story to say everyone was indeed alarmed. In Cern four barns fell apart. Under the buoy trees dropped their green leaves. Livestock and pets screamed in pain and all attempted to cover their ears each in their manner. To a recipient of the alarm the receiving message was clear, move, get out, go, evacuate, run now. The alarm invoked physical fight or flight reactions in everyone. Reportedly it was so loud that people were completely unable to ponder during the initial minutes thoughts of "whose alarm, what is it for specifically, and why now?"  
Forty two year old Harold Zinewist was working alone eight miles along the collider tunnel, when he heard the alarm he tripped over his tools, fell hard, and broke his leg and lost his phone. He lay unable to save himself. He tried to drag himself up a small set of stairs to reach his electric utility cart, but his obesity was making the task impossible. It took seven minutes for the alarm buoy to motivate every single person out of the large collider complex, everyone but Harold Zinewist. At the Command deck of the IAD saucer Commander Nim and his first officer Bor were each flipping through intercepts of the hundreds of wireless security video cameras throughout the complex below, looking for stragglers, when they spotted Harold Zinewist laying on his back and waving with both arms frantically toward the camera in his section. "Get him out of there Bor, put him nearby." Bin ordered.  Bor looked down at his control board and selected factors for the beam-out, setting the target location and making sure the computer knew it would be transporting a human. Bin and Bor watched the security camera display of Zinewist and as Bor pushed a large bright-green button above his control board Zinewists' body swiftly dematerialized and simultaneously rematerialized outside in the forest, about one hundred feet away from the tunnel. "Oh fatbatz I should have had you beam him to a hospital!" Nim was temporarily frustrated with himself. Sitting up on a bed of pine needles Harold Zinewist screamed for help and as soon as the alarm stopped he was located and got to the hospital soon after.  Harold did not talk about the strange inside story of how he broke his leg with anyone for a couple of years, as he was sure he had a memory black-out that day, and had pulled himself to safety all that distance. But after two years of watching Jesus Carlson beam himself all over the place, he accepted that the aliens did it, they saved his life from their own destructive action. Harold Zinewist has the world wide distinction of being the first human to have every one of his atoms disassembled transported and reassembled, the panic on his face, a broken leg and every drop of sweat included.
In about eight minutes everyone was out of the entire facility. Lieutenant On verified on a life signatures display of Cern that "all humans are clear."
"Very well Deshans. Now Vobos 235 set points for crushing the complex and the tunnel to equal destruction throughout, it must look like a single phenomena occurred at once." Commander Nim ordered.
"Setting points Commander." Officer On replied.
"Points are established sirs."
"Check points." Nim ordered.
"Running check on ships' computer sirs." On operated an overhead display panel.
"Points all check sirs." On announced.
"Very well, begin the destruction." Nim commanded.
Technology note: In Deshan space navigation a "point" is a calculated point measured to smallest unit known. The point is a gravity well. It is a point in both space and time representing where and when the center of a singularity or a "black hole" of any size or inversion will be or is presently. The Deshans are early masters of "point travel" and with the most advanced molecular transport technology in the known galaxy, they are the master controllers of the quantum point singularity. The Deshans and several species use this technology to hop across the galaxy. The Deshans use the singularity in two ways, most commonly to move matter, any matter of any size by allowing a finite control over how much gravity is used relative to the task, and which direction the gravity well is facing determines the direction and strength of how the mass is pulled or pushed or vanished or crushed beyond recognition toward or within the singularity. For example a common diameter size of a singularity or a "gravity well" in Deshan building construction is as small as 1.3 microns. The second most common use is for space travel, and those gravity wells are nearly 50 microns in diameter, a size which has the ability to accept the consumption of alternate, artificially created time and space that was indistinguishable to the atomic level from real time and space. They are actually recreating their current time and space at a location about a half of one light year in front of their vessels, then at quantum computing speed the point resets to the next location. Molecular transport creates and places the actual space and time that their vessel occupies at a desired location, it's beaming location guided by laser, simultaneously the vessel reverses it's own atomic polarity to correspond to the polarity of anti matter, effectively the ship becomes matter that can not exist in that "old time and space." The saucer or any vessel does not travel, it is placed in existence to the "new time and space." Put simply the universe is forced to put them at the point where their time and space is recreated by them. End of technology note.
Over one thousand points hung above and dotted the entire collider complex, most were less than a single micron in diameter. The buoy's alarm ceased. The points began exerting spatial pressure enough to cause a rumbling in the outer super structure, this caused the evacuated personnel lingering in confusion near the complex to quickly retreat back from the facility and it caused creatures of all sizes to flee the immediate area of the structure. This low pressure lasted about one minute. When the collider was crushed it made a sound like a large freight truck crashing head on into a rock wall, but the sound was heard throughout the valley, and heard as seemingly coming from all over the region. The dust cloud exploded outward and upward and immersed everyone outside the complex, and the cloud was seen by satellite as a brown donut shape around Cern which rose high in the air before Alpine winds carried it off.  
"Bazzat!" Commander Nim yelled excitedly.
"Mission accomplished everyone!" Announced captain Wi Sona to both ships.
On the IAD ship in the mess hall joy equivalent to sports fans seeing their team become champions was being expressed as two dozen or so Deshans stood and began patting their abdomens with one hand while circling the tops of their heads with their other hands.
"Attention both crews!" Nim announced. He had a speech prepared for the success of this moment.
"It is an historic day for Desha, for Earth, and for all of the Galactic Alliance. With our action today we have committed the empire of Desha to saving a civilization from itself. That the humans will survive to one day join the great Alliance just became a very good possibility thanks to you all and the combined wisdom of the great Alliance! The humans are a civilization that Deshan anthropologists have been studying and delivering to all of us their many stories for almost five-thousand years, and now they will progress to the future having passed their black hole test!  The humans are a species that all of Desha has learned about extensively, and speaking, maybe for myself, we have become accustomed to loving them. We have loved them since the  Honeymooners, since General Hospital, and when we all saw the fabulous Charlie's' Angels we all knew then that the humans must survive, we loved them at that time, did we not? We committed Desha to directing a species into the great Galactic Alliance and into our community. Every species in the Alliance has had their ugly pasts, as did we. We must give the Earthlings that allowance that we all give ourselves today, when as this mission progresses we see what we feel is unacceptable behavior and unreasonable actions. We will have to forgive them a lot. Within a few hours the leadership of Earth will begin to accept that an alien intervention is responsible for what we just did on the planet, and at that time a relationship will have begun with Earth, a cold and never present relationship, but a relationship still that we can not transport away from. As has been determined to occur next my IAD team has selected for Earth a savior who is one of them. I think you will like the human, a forty nine year old male from Connecticut, United States. Here is an image of him taken yesterday. He's very handsome by Earth standards and his name is Jesus!  His adventure begins in several hours and he will join in all of your adventure as we watch and maintain project Humanize to it's end - a civilization fit for the Alliance!"
On the glass floor mezzanine in the Deshan capital hundreds of thousands had gathered to picnic and watch the large sky monitor as Humanize episode one unfolded live. All had been on their feet for Commander Nims' speech and following the words "watch and maintain project Humanize . ." the Deshans responded excitedly with belly patting and head circling, and because of the emotional excitement of the moment their narrow legs uncontrollably shook violently in actual seizure, causing the glass surface under them to vibrate and humm loudly throughout the city. In every city in the Deshan empire and in most cities of the Galactic Alliance, the Deshan's humm created that day was one for the records.
For hundreds of years the members of the Alliance of planets had watched the species and races of inhabitants of planet after planet destroy themselves to extinction. It was a pattern in the universe among sentient intelligent beings of the majority of populated systems. Divided by differences each planet, usually from continents apart, would war with each other, build massively destructive weapons, then each warring side would launch their weapons against each other, and within a few decades they all had become extinct. Two centuries ago the Alliance had unanimously agreed that this self-genocide was a loss for all members of the Alliance, as each new race joining the Alliance was adding huge amounts of knowledge, scientists, technology, new creativity and art, bettering the quality of life for all races. The Alliance voted in favor of a proposition called the Intervention in the Interest of the Alliance Act, which established that some  member planets would become an ambassador species that would be responsible for doing anything they can to save their assigned planet’s inhabitants from themselves. The planets assigned this task could ask for assistance from any other planet in the alliance, and would essentially adopt their assigned planet. This was a drastic change for the members of the alliance, who for centuries past have practiced a no interference policy for every planet, self-destructive or not. Every ten years or so some esteemed scientist claims to have a sure fire way of bringing planet wide peace on an alien planet somewhere that still maintains suffering. And he or she convinces the government to begin a project. Before long a team is created. Commander Nim and Lieutenant Bor were famous for their anthropological studies of Earth, and were asked first to run the latest mission, the latest wild idea to bring peace to Earth.
The inhabitants of Desha 3 had been chosen as Earth’s ambassadors because they were the closest to Earth at forty-four point three five light years. Additionally they had already been conducting anthropological studies on the surface of Earth for many years. They had been using genetically altered agents on the ground, high orbital surveillance, internet interceptions, and satellite data theft. The Deshans knew more about Earth than any one citizen on Earth. Deshan students take classes on Earth beginning in primary school. As far as progress toward the end of all suffering is concerned, the humans have continually missed opportunities to cease war, or to feed the hungry. Deshan historical records estimate that one hundred and eighty million Earth people had killed each other or died unnecessarily in the centuries past. The Deshans had reached the limits of their patience with the humans who seemed very immature and incapable of solving their own problems. It was as if Earth was a planet of barnyard animals that were incapable of making decisions in their own best interest. It was time to act and change the planet’s history and attempt to end all suffering, saving humanity from itself. It is speculated that with the right mixture of Deshan technology and human behavior, Earth might one day be likely candidates for entry into the Alliance.
Our best scientists continued to deny it could be true for years, even after the Deshans informed us of the truth, that most drifting black holes are the morbid memorials of the tragedies of entire civilizations come and gone long before us. Each like us. They are each a monument to a civilization who watched themselves evolve within just tens of thousands of short years from a team of beings standing around with spears in their hands ready to hunt, into a team of beings standing around with super computers in their hands ready to unknowingly eradicate their own existence. Up to this day of the destruction of the Cern complex, the Earth was in it's personal version of the black hole test when the Deshans and the Alliance intervened. We would not have even known of our failure because like a million civilizations not different from us, we would have vanished in an instant.
The black hole test could be considered the universe's very effective evolutional manner of elimination of it's intelligent parasites who are not intelligent enough to reach the stars safely. It is a manner of macro evolution challenging all species who attempt to manipulate the ingredients of the universes and arrogantly think that for one terribly wrong moment they had what it took to control gravity or time and space itself. All great civilizations, all numbering hundreds of millions to trillions of people each, all gone in an instant and shamefully they were not even gone from history, because they had not yet traveled interstellar few if any species knew of them and so they were actually gone from all existence.
Evolution is universal and our universe is alive and it is a universal theory that nature will invent a manner of curbing the detrimental growth of a life form. Typically like a civilization of beings who are parasitical in the galaxy, who must consume and destroy and not replace to survive, life forms just like us. Evolutionary change so large and so closely in our faces we did not see it.  It is the universe cleansing itself and it is as organic and as similar as the behavior of all known life forms when performing immune system and defensive functions. Many religions exist throughout the known systems who base their worship on a living universe, a universe that handles it's own procreation, it's own parasites, it's own death, it's own growth. These are the least arguable religions known. We must learn from the Deshans and from now on apply our knowledge of biologic evolution to the universe, so we can predict our effect on our universe. It was not acknowledging the organic state of the universe, and not seeing many physics experiments as contrary to nature and evolution, that caused those black hole trapped civilizations. Had they seen the many drifting black holes as abnormal to the homeostasis of the universe as a living being, they would have realized the black holes must have been made by the arrogance of intelligent beings, because there is no scientifically reasonable reason for the presence of so many drifting black holes. Had the civilizations that became black holes recognized that the universes were beings and geologic life unto themselves that evolved much like biologics in the universe, then they had a chance of surviving the test all on their own accord. They would have been less arrogant, less confident of their math and able to survive the black hole test.
If you are a government interested in halting a species' march toward destruction by creation of a black hole by mistake, then assassinating that species' scientists would be the impulsive and seemingly pragmatic thing to do. But the black hole test continues no matter what scientists die prematurely. Preventing experimentation that would create the singularity and destroy the race, is like trying to stop a rising river from causing a flood, because there are always more scientists ready to take the test, more governments willing to take the unknown risk of losing existence for everyone to achieve great power and conquer space time and matter. Contact with the civilization in danger and educating them in that last half of the mysterious physics of our universe, is the best way to ease that race through the black hole test. The survivors of the black hole test that go on to be remembered in the galaxy are usually those species who had contact with an interstellar civilization that prevented them from failing the test, like our relationship with the Deshans has become. Far less frequent is the existence of  civilizations whose ancestors made the correct decisions all on their own, the hundreds or thousands of correct decisions needed to lead their species beyond dangerous experimentation with the physics of the universe, beyond the Russian Roulette of manipulating time and space and matter, to finally travel interstellar and mix with the other survivors of the black hole test and live thousands of lifetimes to possibly be the ones who master the rest of the universes.
We are blessed by good fortune to know the Deshans. We are fortunate they like us and chose to give us Jesus and bring us into the light of the rest of the universe. We are fortunate for the Alliance of planets that it is composed of civilizations whose collected ethics would not let them standby and watch an entire species they knew and loved, as primitive and as warring are we were, destroy themselves and possibly other nearby systems by failing their black hole test. Victory and full control over gravity is the reward for surviving the black hole test, or the reward of being in friendly contact with another civilization that has survived the test. If your civilization passes the black hole test, it gets the magic, the magic of gravity well technology. Full control over gravity and as such mass. Control that changes life dramatically for all. Control that another race still early in it's black hole test, would kill for the knowledge of, if they could first make contact with a interstellar traveling species.
That we had entered the black hole test is the reason so many interstellar traveling species had stopped visiting Earth with live crew so frequently. When it was announced by the Alliance, based upon Deshan information, that Earth was dangerously close in their test, visitation (ufo's), non robotic and robotic, dropped off to a few independent miners of gold per day, and the occasional large robotic cargo ships entering our night-sides and filling their huge cargo holds with Earths' deep gold. It was expected and it happened that many more visitors began to visit Earth again, soon after the Deshans announced their destruction of the Large Hadron Collider, to return to the nearly unrestricted molecular transport of Earth's deep gold, and tourism, and study.
My name is James Mason. I was chosen by Jesus Carlson in the second year of the beginning to be his fifth Disciple and then confidant and the chronographer and biographer of what is now known by all on Earth and all in the Alliance of planets as the story of the end of all suffering on Earth. I thank Jesus right at the start of this book for assigning me this esteemed role in the greatest story ever to be told and for changing my life and all others' lives as he did. I only hope I can write this book "for everyone" the way Jesus repeatedly requested while he was here on Earth. This request of Jesus seemed unfit for me as a young and very amateur writer, because I did not anticipate loving to write stories and opinion as I entered my independent years, and so I never sought formal training in writing a novel or even writing a short story. I have not read the classics, only several science fiction paperbacks. I have no degree from a college which would indicate I could be trusted to write something compelling and eloquent without making a mess of it. But Jesus had confidence in me and I may never know exactly why. Still with promise of publication and movie rights and millions of dollars in my bank account, I don't feel worthy of the privilege of writing this story. A story so incredibly important, so necessary for any further study of humanity, so vital to historians throughout our galaxy, that each word will be criticized and each paragraph picked apart for centuries after I'm gone.
These pages will tell the truth of Jesus' adventures to end all suffering. Only I was privileged to discuss and hear Jesus' recollections of each day, and each event that was worth relaying to the public. Over five hundred published works attempt to tell this story, but not one of them from Jesus' perspective and his account of the reasoning for each action that he took toward the eas. None of those books can truthfully describe what he was feeling each day, how he prioritized actions to be taken, how he fell in love with Mary Magellan, how he loved the animals and how and why he loved humanity. No matter how long this story becomes, no matter how many books and chapters it takes, it will not be enough to understand the man, to fully see the complexity that was Jesus, or to accurately cover his actions and his behaviors, his motivation, his level of compassion and his world view, especially his new galactic view.
Jesus may have known I was like he was in many ways. He may have known, or it may have been coincidence that we were so alike in our both our past struggles. He suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for years in childhood, like me. He stuttered as a child like I did. Like me he mixed up numbers and orders of numbers and letters and words with dyslexia that had to be conquered through sheer will and repeated trial and error, and repeated low grades and shame and embarrassment. It was that shared experience of our pasts that made it easy to maintain a relationship with him during this entire adventure. He may have known, or he may have had a feeling that I would be true to his character and his personality and the facts of his life as it had been and as it was unfolding in front of me.
It was the day after the now famous casino event when I first saw him as he was leaning out of Mary Magellan's second floor apartment window in downtown New London, Connecticut. I was working late at the New London Day as assistant manager to the circulation department (all two of us) and I had just found out he was at Mary's place and I was running up the street excited that I might get a story published about Jesus, an amazing person the world was just awakening to that crisp and clear morning - the world was taking-in Jesus Carlson for breakfast. I remember my heart pounding through my chest. It was the most exciting moment of my life to that point. It is odd to me that although I looked right at him that morning, I can not remember his face with this memory, only a blank for me.
As I got near the apartment I could hear him yelling something at a crowd of about twenty or thirty people with signs who were pacing around in the street below. He had been tossing atheistic barbs at them because they were mostly Christian zealots with phrases and signs and shouting right out of the Christian bible. He was enjoying it and I was able to stand right under the window and ask him for an interview. I was damn lucky and I guess he liked me. Maybe he decided he liked me because he seemed to be in a great mood when he looked down and saw me looking up ready to confront him with questioning. I think that Jesus made several decisions about me at that time. But in context it was a time for Jesus of many decisions, often made rapidly, some with permanent outcomes. But at that moment I think Jesus saw my gratitude after  having caught his attention. And he knew that I knew he would not harm me because with his power of visible premonition he had seen my pleasant excitement and confidence in my face perhaps a minute before I had even came into view that morning. He liked, I think, that my first question to him was "Jesus do you feel there is a reason for your new powers?" To which he smiled and squinted at me before answering as he was actually prepared for the question "It is my outcomes that will define my reasons when the questions are asked why. Therefore people will see that my reasons are tied to my outcomes as if predetermined." He paused and he vigorously shook his head left to right as if to shake-off a track of thought. I then continued my question with "So what is your reasoning Jesus?" To which he then replied unblinkingly into my eyes, his now famous words "My reasoning is that it is right for everyone to attempt to fix everything that causes suffering for everybody."
Jesus confessed to me a few months after meeting him that coming up with answer what was less than fifty words, was difficult for him in those first days. He had been over intellectualizing everything at that time, and only after a week or more did he feel comfortable and capable of saying anything simply.
Before I started writing this book Jesus came to me one afternoon and kindly asked me not to use the word Destiny in the title (he knew this was my plan although I had never mentioned it to him). "Because it's corny and it's an unreal drama invoking concept and I don't want to propagate more belief by using a concept that must have this supernatural air about it."
There are two reasons I called this book Destiny despite Jesus' wishes. In the great halls of the unpublished there is a special room for these Destiny titles crammed with hundreds and maybe tens of thousands of written works through the centuries that have been titled Destiny. It sounds good because it is dramatic, and for readers it relates to a fortuitous feeling that most people get, a feeling of inevitability of an ending, and the content of that feeling happens to be a conclusion they want.  
Like having belief and worshipping gods, destiny is an improvable concept that a lot of us bat around to give ourselves excuses for the past and for our goals in the future. A common example being our excuses for how and why you chose a particular wife or husband to spend your life with. "It is my destiny to stay married to this man, because we met in coincidence, we had sex and we got married, so it was destiny."
Gamblers feel destiny. Many can not shake it and eventually they end up in Gamblers Anonymous having lost great parts of their lives. They will play lottery games with astronomical odds, with that destiny feeling inside them that "tonight I will win."
Artists feel destiny. While they paint and while they sculpt, and while they write, destiny gives artists hope about the piece they are working on, hope enough to finish the work, hope that it is destiny that the work in front of them will be famous, like so many others before them.
Many pregnant mothers feel destiny, "My son is going to be a doctor or something, I just know it!"
Military leaders feel destiny. "On this momentous day we will shed blood on the battlefield righteously, it is our destiny!"
Destiny can be dangerous. Terrorists feel destiny. Since guns and bombs were invented every single bomber or terrorist martyr has been drowning in that enabling feeling that the destruction they are about to reap is their destiny.
If your activity is not certain to produce the result you want, and your behavior shows that lack of confidence in the outcome, the concept of destiny can ease your uncertain mind. Believers in destiny can place that negative emotion aside and lift the mental fog and allow themselves to proceed with confidence, a hollow confidence but functional and with more hope.
There is a close relationship between the concept of belief and the concept of destiny. They require each other. Destiny is a make believe concept. We have no proof that it exists. No one can reach out with a finger and touch destiny and then report to us the truth of what they touched.
It was of no surprise to Jesus and myself that most of the world proclaimed destiny when it appeared that Jesus Carlson would be successful in ending all suffering. At that time his successes made the goal and it's outcome more certain, and for believers it became cognitively and emotionally safe to proclaim his actions to be destiny.

But when I  look back at how things just seemed to fall into place for Jesus and his plans, with each keystroke and with each new day that the eas movement progressed, I felt it. As the end of this book approached, this lifelong atheist very surprisingly discovered that he was reaching out for it superstitiously, and like man in Michael Angelo's Creation, I used my mind and it's veritable pointing index finger to touch destiny, and I'm pretty sure I did.

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